'The Bachelorette': Watch How Luke and Hannah's Sex Conversation Begins (Exclusive)

Only ET has the lead-up to that epic explosion the show has been teasing all season.

Be careful what you wish for. 

Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette will finally show the conversation the series has been teasing all season between Hannah Brown and Luke Parker -- and ET has an exclusive first look. We've heard Hannah's iconic line, "I have had sex and Jesus still loves me," and the even-more legendary "I f**ed in a windmill," in promos throughout the season, but ET's sneak peek reveals what led up to that explosion. It all starts with Luke's desire to "talk about sex." 

"This is the guy that I've been waiting for. He knows without a doubt that he is in love with me, and he wants me to be his wife one day and can see that. And I feel like we're starting to turn the page and turn to a new chapter of our relationship," Hannah tells the camera in the teaser. 

Hannah and Luke are all smiles as they greet each other on the night portion of their one-on-one date -- ahead of what is supposed to be the fantasy suite. 

"I'm talking about marriage," Luke tells her as they sit down for dinner. "This is a huge deal, and forever shouldn't be taken lightly, and there's so many things that I want from myself and my future wife, my future that I want it the way I want it." 

"So, let's talk about sex," he begins. 

See the full clip in the video player above. 

In a recent interview with ET, host Chris Harrison said that while Hannah and Luke's shared faith brought them together, it'll be the reason their relationship falls apart. 

"Ironically enough, faith is what brought them together and his faith and his conservative values might be their biggest sticking point and become the biggest divide between them," he said. "Yes, obviously, we are setting something up down the road that will come to a head, where their faith and their values start to conflict, and how they perceive them."

"And that’s always the interesting thing about religion, and I always feel maybe we need to dive into this more sometimes. Sometimes we shy away from it because religion, it’s a little bit like sex, where it’s taboo to discuss in the open," he continued. "I think it needs to be brought in the open more sometimes, and, in this case, it’s interesting how they have very similar values, but very differing opinions on how to apply them to life."

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