'The Bachelorette': Jed Wyatt Blows Up Over Hannah Brown's Fantasy Suite Decision

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It's time to meet the family! 

Hannah Brown was on the move on this week's episode of The Bachelorette, as she got to know her final four: Jed Wyatt, Luke Parker, Tyler Cameron and Peter Weber, on a deeper level. Of course, one lucky man will end up getting to know Hannah better in a windmill -- but for now, it was hometown dates. ET was live blogging along the way. 

Hannah is headed to meet Peter's parents in Westlake Village, California, Tyler's family in Juptier, Florida, the people who love Luke in Gainesville, Georgia, and finally Jed's crew near Knoxville, Tennessee -- but the drama ended up taking place at the rose ceremony. Scroll down for a play-by-play of what went down. 

And Jed Will Continue to Be Mad Next Week

7:00 PM:

In the promo for next week's episode, each one of the guys is in love with Hannah, and Jed's still angry. 

"I need some clarity on Luke," Jed is seen telling Hannah. 

Next comes Hannah's fight with Luke over who she may or may not have been sleeping with. No more enlightening lines about windmills, so we'll just have to wait for the real thing next Monday. 

Jed's Mad

6:58 PM:

"What the f**k is going on?" Jed mouths after getting his rose -- and then tells the camera that he's upset, because Luke's "been a scumbag this whole process." 

"He's been a constant toxin through every bit of this. And to feel like a tossup between him and me now -- I don't know, dude," Jed says. He's "unsure about all this." 

An Unprecedented Decision

6:55 PM:

Hannah's "really frustrated" at this point, and all Chris can offer is an "I'm sorry." But he's a great bluffer, because Hannah gets to keep everyone. 

"I'm so sorry," she tells the men. "I'm so confused. Every decision that I've made... my heart was completely ready. And I can't do that." 

"And so, I can't give out a final rose," she says. The guys sulk for dramatic effect, and Chris walks in with another rose.

"I want to continue on with all of you," Hannah tells the men, before calling out Luke and Jed's names. 

Down to the Wire

6:53 PM:

"I can't make a decision. I don't know what to do. I have four great men... I don't know if I've had the time to know who my person is here. I need more time," Hannah tells Chris. 

"Now it's like I'm going to close a door on a relationship that's not done, and I don't want to do that. I don't know what to do," she continues. 

Meanwhile, the guys are comforting Jed, telling him he'll get the final rose. "There's no way she doesn't see what we see," Peter tells Tyler. 

Are You OK?

6:49 PM:

"What just happened? Are you OK?" Chris asks Hannah. 

And we're left on a cliffhanger. 

Decision Time

6:46 PM:

"Hometowns are a big step. That I was able to meet the people who made you and love you was really special," Hannah tells the guys. "I have no doubt I have four incredible men..." 

"It just validates who I already knew you were and are," she continues, before picking up her first rose. 

Pilot Pete gets the first rose. Tyler's next. Chris comes in to announce the final rose -- but Hannah's clearly struggling. 

She picks up the rose, looks around in a panic, and walks off in tears. 

Rose Ceremony

6:43 PM:

Hannah is emotional going into the rose ceremony. "At this moment, I am there with Luke, I am there with Jed, I am there with Peter, I am there with Tyler," she tells the camera before arriving at the mansion for the rose ceremony. 

Chris Harrison asks her how the week was without him, and Hannah explains that she doesn't have a frontrunner or someone who is falling behind. "It's truly like, I don't know where I'm at in my emotions," she says, explaining that she hopes she knows what to do when she walks in.

Not Ending Well

6:38 PM:

Hannah admits it was "hard to hear" what Jed's family had to say, and she's in tears while recalling it to the camera. 

"My fear is either our relationship or his music will suffer... I need more time to really think about this relationship and where it will go from here," she says. 


6:35 PM:

Jed's sister is on the same page. "I'm very protective over Jed, and making music makes him so happy, and him potentially falling in love with you, I'm not sure it's a good thing," Lily says. 

"It doesn't feel very realistic to me," Jed's mom tells him. "I'm surprised, to be honest. I am... This is the first I've seen of her... I think this is crazy." 

Jed's mom continues, telling him that she told Hannah she didn't think he was ready to be engaged. "I love you, and I want you to be happy," she says. 

"To see him considering is a little surprising," Gina tells the camera. 

A Few Alarms

6:33 PM:

Jed's mom isn't letting Hannah off easy. "I know he dated a girl for a long time," Hannah says. 

"He lived his life before Bachelorette," his mom says. "He's been through it all, I think." 

"I wouldn't have felt [he's ready to get married] before," Jed's mom continues. "His path is different, very different." 

Hannah admits to the camera that she has a "few alarms" in her head. 

Initial Concerns

6:33 PM:

Jed sits down with his dad. "You guys look like you have a heck of a time together... I can't get my head around all of it," his dad says. 

"This is such a real, serious commitment," Jed notes. "I started actually falling in love with her, which is wild to say and think. But it's real." 

Jed's dad asks him about what this means for his career, and Jed says Hannah's supportive of him. "If I'm going to be engaged or married, it has to be someone who's like, 'I'm here for it.' 

Getting Confusing Already

6:28 PM:

Jed is "so excited" to introduce Hannah to his family, but we've seen the promos, so we're not as pumped. 

Jed's sister Lily, mom Dina and dad Jerry are all gathered outside, as well as Jed's grandparents. 

Hannah and Jed tell the group all about their travels, before heading over for some dinner. "Cheers to the person I am starting to love," Jed says -- JUST AFTER TELLING HANNAH HE WAS ALREADY IN LOVE WITH HER (??????). 

Cobblestone Streets

6:22 PM:

We think the name of this song is "Cobblestone Streets." Men show up from out of nowhere to record it, but we're already tired of the song. 

He and Hannah, however, LOVE IT. "Do you ever feel like your heart is coming out of your chest? ... I love you!" he tells Hannah in the studio and WE FEEL SO UNCOMFORTABLE. 

They hug and it sounds like they're crying, but they're not. They're just breathing heavily into each other's bodies. Not necessarily better, but we'll take it. 

Jed can't wait to take Hannah to meet his parents. "We are meant for each other," he says. 

Where Else...

6:19 PM:

Jed's a musician, so where else is he going to take Hannah but a music studio? 

"Now, we're going to step into my world, and we're going to write a song together," Jed says. "Let's think about some of our favorite moments." 

Hannah lists their favorite moments together and Jed calls her a "natural." 

Tennessee Jed

6:17 PM:

It's a wraparound hug for Hannah as she meets Jed in his hometown in Tennessee. 

"Last week, she told me she was falling in love with me... I just feel so good about where we are," Jed says. 

He's taking Hannah around his hometown, and the place his parents fell in love. 

Hannah's Falling In Love

6:10 PM:

The day went "great" according to Hannah, and Luke couldn't be happier. 

"I just want to tell you that I'm sorry," he tells Hannah. "We are finally back on track, but I know there still may be concerns that you have."

"Without a doubt, I see a future with you," Luke continues. "Without a doubt, I can tell you that I do love you." 

With that, Hannah leans in for a kiss. 

"Luke told me he loved me. It felt really good," Hannah tells the camera. "I have the feeling... I'm falling in love with him." 

Luke's In Love

6:08 PM:

"If you want someone to love you fearlessly, that's Luke," Luke's dad tells Hannah. 

"Do you think he would be ready for the engagement at the end of it?" she asks -- and Luke's dad has "no doubt." 

Luke's mom tries to get to the bottom of his behavior on the show. "I think you need to really let Hannah see your heart and how beautiful it is, and see you for everything you have to offer to her," she says. 

Luke says there's nothing holding him back. "I love her," he says, as his mom tears up. 

Thanking the Lord

6:05 PM:

In a sitdown with his father, Luke tells his dad that he's never felt a connection like the one he feels with Hannah. "She continually proves to me that she's so worth it," he says. 

"I would thank the Lord, number one, because somehow her heart has softened to you," Luke's dad says. 

Hannah, meanwhile, chats with the rest of the family. "Hearing what you say, it's not who Luke really is," Luke's brother notes. "For him, it's how quickly can he realize it. And then when he realizes it... you will see the most humble guy." 

"Luke is so -- he's one of a kind in so many ways. He is so passionate. His heart is huge," his brother continues. 

"I couldn't let the relationship go," Hannah says. 

"I just hope you know, what you're looking for, knowing Luke, it's there," his brother says. 

Where Luke Comes From

6:01 PM:

Hannah's excited to finally meet Luke's parents -- and so are we. "This is a great way to see more of the real Luke," she says. 

Luke's dad Mike, brother Mike, sister-in-law Hannah, and various other family members have all gathered to meet the pair. First up, Luke tells his family that he confessed he was falling in love with Hannah on the "first week." 

She reveals that he got into things with the other guys, and she wasn't really on his side. "It was just like, constant me trying to get him to talk about everything," she recalls. 

Luke says he found himself walking on eggshells. "That was something I really struggled with," he says. 

His family jokes they can't believe he lasted this long after the drama.

Everyone Loves Luke

5:57 PM:

Hannah loves how much Luke loves his faith. And he might have been telling Hannah the truth when he told her that everyone loves him back home. 

Literally -- everyone loves him!!

Speaking Up

5:55 PM:

Luke speaks up at Sunday school, telling the group that in high school, he experimented with drinking and partying, and in college, he was "entangled and caught up in sin" of all kinds. 

He recalls meeting God in the shower. "'Luke, let go. Let go, and follow me,'" he says. "I could see a glimpse and see into Heaven." 

"So, anything that you look at to be negative in your life, I want you to know that God is going to use that as a positive," Luke says, before bringing up Hannah. "Honestly, I thank God for you." 

Looking for Luke

5:53 PM:

We're in Gainesville, Georgia, for Luke's hometown date. "Luke is definitely complex, and I want to understand why he is the way he is," Hannah says. 

She meets up with Luke, and he tells her he wants to introduce her to his friends at Sunday school. 

"I feel like Luke is a jigsaw puzzle for me," Hannah says. 

Hannah Sits Down With Tyler's Dad

5:45 PM:

"You can't plan to fall in love. It just hits you between the eyes," Tyler's dad tells Hannah, leaving her filled with hope. 

"Tyler's family... I feel like they are really excited for both of us," she tells the camera. 

At the end of the day, Tyler says he got everything he needed. "I am so excited to move forward," he says. 

They make out in the car, because Tyler just can't let her go. "I believe in her, and I believe in us," he says. "One day, I'll be able to say, 'I love you.'" 

Tyler's Ready for Marriage

5:43 PM:

Tyler's brothers assure Hannah that they've seen him really grow since his dad has been in the hospital, and they feel like he's ready to get engaged. 

During a heart-to-heart with his mom, Tyler admits that he had to force himself to open up. "That was a big step for me, to do that with somebody," he says. 

His mom asks if he sees himself proposing. "It scares me... but there's no doubt I can be that guy, and get down on one knee at the end of this," he says. 

Getting Emotional

5:43 PM:

Tyler's dad admits that he thinks his son might be in love.

"Signing away your rights to go into surgery, that killed me," Tyler tells his father, explaining that he wants him to be around to see his wife and kids. 

"I haven't seen my son this happy in a long time. Me and Tyler, ever since he was a small child, have been on a big journey together. It's nice to see him so happy," Tyler's dad says. 

Finally Here

5:39 PM:

Tyler's ready to bring Hannah home to his parents. He's wearing tight pants, and we appreciate it. 

"I'm really excited for Tyler to see his dad today. I know their reunion is going to be something really special," she says as they walk through the door. 

Tyler finally comes face-to-face with his dad, and it's emotional. "My dad getting sick, almost dying, it put a lot of things in perspective," he confesses. "That's my pops." 

Stage Diving

5:34 PM:

It's Tyler, so of course his hometown date includes dancing. 

He and Hannah jam out to a band at the restaurant, she gets up on stage, and then dives into his arms. The crowd cheers, and the applause is deserved!

Seeing Tyler's Home

5:31 PM:

"It's super hot kissing Tyler," Hannah says -- but she and Tyler talk about the deep stuff too. 

He shows her the house he grew up in before his family lost it when the market crashed. 

They then head off for a drink. "To knowing more about what makes Tyler Tyler," Hannah toasts. 

Tyler says he hasn't seen his dad in weeks, and he's not sure what kind of state he's in after the coma. "He was losing weight, and to leave him and not know how he's doing -- I hop my brother stepped up," he says. 

Tyler Time!

5:28 PM:

We're now in Tyler's hometown of Jupiter, Florida. 

"This is my hometown," Tyler says. "I can't wait to show you my family. It's going to be a great day." 

He assures Hannah that he's better on a boat than he is on a horse, and they head off on the water. But first -- sunscreen!

"There's no doubt there's some sexual attraction between Tyler and I, and I think he's super hot," Hannah laughs as she and Tyler rub sunscreen all over each other. She does have concerns over whether he's ready for the next step in a relationship, but for now, she's excited to just hang out. 

A Love Confession?

5:23 PM:

With that, Hannah's time with Peter's family is coming to a close -- and Peter has something to get off his chest. 

"I"m so happy with where we're at, and I look forward to the future with us. It's been so perfect in so many ways," he says, chickening out. 

"I don't know where she's at, where her heart's at," Peter explains to the camera, noting it's "terrifying" to open up after his last relationship. 

"I do wish I had said something... I just hope it's not too late," he admits. 

Peter's Found His Person

5:19 PM:

Peter's mom is worried for her son, so she addresses Hannah. 

"I can see that it could be Peter and I at the end of this," Hannah reasons. 

"I'm just very emotional right now," his mom says. "I'm really in need of a daughter." 

It's Peter and Peter next, as Peter tells his dad that after his flight with Hannah, he knows she's his "person." 

"Obviously there's a chance for heartbreak again, and I don't want that," he notes. 

"I can see that you genuinely care for Hannah, and I can see that she cares for you. You guys look wonderful together, and I hope you get what you're desiring," Peter's dad says, before breaking down in tears himself. "I'm sorry." 

"I want the best for you," he cries.

Breaking Down

5:17 PM:

Jack takes Hannah aside to chit chat, confessing that he's worried his brother will get his heart broken. 

Hannah admits that she and Peter haven't told each other they're in love, but assures his brother that she's "on track" to get there. 

Peter's mom, meanwhile, wants the real story. 

"Our connection has been just fire," Peter insists. 

"Are you in love with her?" his mom asks. 

Peter says he's falling in love with Hannah, but doesn't know if she feels the same way. "Obviously from my last relationship and how hard that was for me to move on and let that go... there's three other guys still. It's not just me," he explains. "I feel like I've found my person." 

Peter's mom cries over how proud she is of him. "I want the world for you," she says. 

Hannah Meets the Family

5:13 PM:

Peter's dad, Peter, mom, Barbara, and little brother, Jack, are all there to greet him and Hannah. 

"I've never brought someone home that I've felt so strongly for," Peter tells the camera. 

Hannah tells his family off the bat that she challenged him to open up to her, and he followed her orders. With that, it's time to eat. Peter speaks more Spanish, before he and his family pray in German. 

"That's a German tradition we do every meal," Peter explains. 

"So, let's toast, shall we?" Peter's dad asks. 

"Here's so so many amazing memories we've made and so many to come," Peter says. "My grandparents would have loved you too... this means a lot, so cheers." 

He's crying, and it's pretty sweet. 

Seeking Approval

5:08 PM:

Back on the ground, Peter tells Hannah that he sees a real future with her. "I've never felt this, and I truly feel like we have something special," he says. 

"It's very important to have that approval from my family," he admits. 

Hitting the Skies

5:05 PM:

Peter's looking to get over that embarrassing moment by taking Hannah up in the air. He takes her to the tarmac, where they head off in a plane together, and kiss during take-off (is that safe?). 

They fly over Los Angeles -- and the Bachelor mansion. "How cool is that?" Peter asks. 

He also points out his house before giving her a sweet kiss and landing safely. "That was hot!" Hannah exclaims. 

"I am crazy for Hannah," Peter confesses. 

What's That Doing Here?

5:02 PM:

Hannah and Peter meet in a flower field and head off to see what he has planned -- starting with his tricked out Mercedes, which he calls his "baby." 

Today, Hannah wants more "insight" into his life, and she's looking to find it in the compartments of his car. What does she find? Mints, photos -- and a "rubber." 

"Anyways, it's all good," Peter blushes. 

Peter's Up First

5:00 PM:

The week has started, and Hannah is kicking it off in Peter's hometown of Westlake Village, California.

"This week is really important to me... because I get to meet the people who love them and know them best," Hannah says. "Today is my first hometown this week, and I could not be more excited. I've got a date with Peter!" 

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