'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown's Final 4: Everything We Know About Jed, Tyler, Peter and Luke

Hometowns, here we come! Here's all the on and off-screen drama you need to know.

Hometowns, here we come! 

After Monday's dramatic episode, Bachelorette Hannah Brown is one step closer to her finale -- and we're one step closer to finding out who she had sex with in a windmill. This week's episode ended with a fiery promo, in which she confronted controversial contestant Luke Parker about his questioning over her sexual activity with the other men... and revealed she "f**ed in a windmill" twice. 

Before we get there, Hannah will visit Luke in his hometown of Gainesville, Georgia, on next week's episode. She'll also meet the families of the rest of her final four: Jed Wyatt, Tyler Cameron and Peter Weber. Here's what you need to know about the guys ahead of their hometown dates on Monday: 

Jed Wyatt -- Knoxville, Tennessee


HIS BACKGROUND: The 25-year-old singer grew up in Tennessee as the son of a guitarist, Jerry Wyatt, so it's no surprise he gravitated toward a career in music. Jed's father is still married to his mom, Gina, while his sister, Lily, is a blogger and YouTuber. Wyatt studied songwriting at Belmont University and stayed in Nashville after school, where he continued to pursue his music career -- his song, "Vacation" is available on Spotify -- while also picking up gigs as a male model and stripping down a la Magic Mike at Music City Male Revue. 

HIS STORY: Jed was honest with Hannah from their first one-on-one date that his intention coming on the show was to promote his music career, and his honesty on the topic only brought them closer. He was the first man Hannah Brown revealed she was falling in love with on Monday night's episode, and a clear front runner to end up with her at the end. Fans, however, have recently turned on Jed as his ex-girlfriend, Haley Stevens, came forward last month alleging that they were in a relationship when he headed off to film the show, and claiming that he planned to date her when he came back. According to Haley, she and Jed had met each other's families -- so it will be interesting to see the dynamic when Jed introduces Hannah to the group. 

Tyler Cameron -- Jupiter, Florida


HIS BACKGROUND: Tyler played college football at Wake Forest for two years before transferring to Florida Atlantic University, where he went on to earn an MBA. The 25-year-old was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens, but had to leave football because of a shoulder injury. He now works as a contractor in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida, and picks up modeling gigs on the side. 

HIS STORY: Tyler's been a bit of a dark horse this season, earning his first one-on-one date a little later in the season. He's won fans over both on-screen (for his Notebook-worthy speeches to Hannah) and off (for his impressive defense of her on Twitter). He and Hannah connected over family throughout their time together: He opened up about having to care for his father on their first date and on Monday's episode, got emotional recalling how his father "lost everything" when the market crashed, and it led to his parents' divorce. Through his vulnerability, he and Hannah connected, and he told her he's falling in love with her. 

Peter Weber -- Westlake Village, California 


HIS BACKGROUND: Peter may look young, but at 27, he's actually the oldest in Hannah's final four. As part of an aviation family (his father is a pilot, and his mom was a flight attendant), Peter always knew he was destined to work with planes. The Westlake Village-based contestant is now a pilot for Delta Airlines. He's close to both his parents as well as his younger brother, and learned a thing or two from his grandmother (which he revealed to Hannah in Spanish). 

HIS STORY: Hannah and Peter's relationship was a bit of a slow burn until their steamy one-on-one date in Riga. Hannah has commented on how her and Peter's chemistry is off the charts, and how of all the guys in the competition, he makes her feel like a woman. He's opened up to Hannah about a devastating past relationship, and stayed out of the drama on the show, though rumors have circulated about him allegedly dumping his girlfriend once he found out he was cast on The Bachelorette. Before the rumors, many fans were campaigning for Pilot Pete to be our next Bachelor -- only time will tell if that comes to fruition. 

Luke Parker -- Gainesville, Georgia 


HIS BACKGROUND: The 24-year-old entrepreneur (really not sure what he actually does), grew up in Florida and moved to Alabama, Hannah's home state, for college, where he played baseball at Faulkner University. Fans learned of Luke's backstory in his intro package, during which he revealed that after "chasing sex" in his freshman year at college, he found God in the shower and decided to change his ways. He's a proud Christian and a proud uncle, with his baby niece making an appearance in Hannah's premiere. 

HIS STORY: Luke has already admitted to making some mistakes on The Bachelorette, where he's so far been portrayed as this season's villain. From the beginning, Luke has been territorial over Hannah, and been warned by her to cool off (she even sent him home because of it -- but then took him back). His behavior has rubbed the men the wrong way, and he's yet to find a true friend in the house. Still, his physical connection with Hannah has been clear, and she decided their chemistry was enough to take him to hometowns. Judging by promos, however, Luke doesn't make it much further than that, as he's seen arguing with Hannah over whether she's had sex with other contestants -- in which case, he said he'd want to leave. It's then that Hannah freaks out in the clip, tells him that she has had sex, and even did the deed in a windmill. We'll have to wait to see who with. 

For now, it's time to get ready to meet the men's families. The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Join ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here