'Bachelorette' Frontrunner Jed Wyatt Admits He Went on Hannah Brown's Season to Promote His Music Career

Hannah opened up to ET about their date the following day.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? 

Fans weren't surprised to see yet another musician pop up when Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette kicked off last month, but this time, he's admitting he went on the show to further his career. 

Nashville musician Jed Wyatt was a frontrunner from night one, when he whipped out his guitar and charmed Hannah at the cocktail party. He and Hannah continued to build a connection, and he earned a one-on-one date on Monday's episode of the ABC series. They played basketball with the Boston Celtics during the day portion of the date, and at night, Jed felt it was time to be "totally upfront" with her. 

"Music is my passion. I want it more than anything in this world," he shared over dinner, revealing that pursuing music has been "hard and scary." 

"When I signed up for the show, I was skeptical... my first thought was, 'This is a huge platform,'" Jed confessed. "I came in with that mindset." 

The 25-year-old certainly raised his profile on the series. Though it appears his last single was released last year -- "Vacation" is available to stream on Spotify -- his Instagram followers have grown exponentially since Hannah's season of The Bachelorette premiered. He's posted several videos of himself singing to his page.   

On Monday's episode of The Bachelorette, Jed shared that his motivations for appearing on the show had changed. "Now, more than anything, I want to be with you," he told Hannah. 

The 24-year-old former pageant queen at first appeared concerned by Jed's revelation, asking him how he could turn his interest in music into an interest in marriage. By the end of the date, she seemed satisfied by his answer and ready to focus on their relationship. 

"I value your honesty with me... it's exactly what I've been asking for," Hannah said, before giving Jed the rose. 

ET was with Hannah and some of her guys during their group date in Rhode Island, where the Bachelorette gushed over her romantic one-on-one date with Jed, and said they had one of the strongest connections among the group. 

"I had a one-on-one with Jed yesterday and we had a great time. I also have really enjoyed Connor S., we've had some time together, and there's a few other ones that are really up there too," she shared. "Those are two that I've had a lot more time with and really got to know their hearts, so I'm really excited about continuing on with them. And then there are a few other men here that I'm really interested to get to know more about and spend more time with." 

See who else made Hannah's list of frontrunners in the video below. 

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