Why One of Hannah Brown's 'Bachelorette' Suitors Says Luke P. Isn't There for the Right Reasons (Exclusive)

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Luke P. is causing all kinds of controversy on The Bachelorette

Fans first took note of the contestant when he was seen violently yelling at another man in the trailer for Hannah Brown's season -- and though viewers have yet to see the moment play out on TV, by week four of the competition, the other men were already taking note of Luke's possibly aggressive behavior. 

Only ET's Lauren Zima was on set with Hannah and her guys on this week's rugby-themed group date in Newport, Rhode Island, where things got pretty intense -- and one man called out Luke P. as being not there for the "right reasons." 

"I think Luke P. was a frontrunner before, he is maybe kind of falling behind a little bit, and it's getting to him. We'll see," Matteo said. "Luke P. seems like maybe not here for the right reasons, which is kind of why I said he seems to be falling behind. I think that's starting to be revealed."

"It seems like maybe he came in with more of like a strategy and is here to 'win' instead of build a relationship with Hannah," he added. "So, we'll see how that plays out." 

Bachelor Nation has already seen Hannah tell Luke -- who won her first impression rose -- to cool off and let her pursue relationships with other men. By this point in the season, the men thought Luke's chances with Hannah might be in jeopardy. 

"Luke P. is a pretty intense guy and I know he's been going through a little bit of a rough patch with Hannah recently. So, I think he's going to try pretty hard to prove himself," John Paul Jones shared. "So, I think he might be the most rough on the field, but I would say I'll be the most intense."

Promos for Monday's episode have already shown a man possibly leaving in an ambulance -- and the guys told ET they'd be surprised if no one got hurt during their intense rugby match. Connor, however, was feeling pretty confident.

"[Luke] got the first impression rose, which was huge. And I think from the beginning, he's felt really confident about his relationship. But I don't know if it's going as well lately," he offered. "So, we'll see if it works out for him."

While Hannah didn't seem to question Luke's intentions, she did reveal that she was looking forward to "digging into all the men."

"I have had a few weeks with these guys thus far, but I still have a lot of questions and concerns for making sure that I can commit to somebody and they can commit to me for a lifetime," she explained. "And so for that, there is still a lot to know about these guys and learn and to make sure that they are ready for marriage at the end of this."

"Luke P. has always definitely made sure that he has shown that he's here for me, so we always have good conversations throughout the day. [I'm] also really excited about that relationship too," Hannah added.

In an interview with ET on Saturday, former Bachelor Colton Underwood -- and Hannah's ex -- told ET that he's actually a "fan" of Luke, despite how he's appeared on-screen.

"I actually like Luke P.," Underwood said. "Listen, if this was anything other than The Bachelorette and the formula and what it is, it would just be a guy who knows what he wants and he's committed to a girl that he can see himself lasting with. But, since there’s other options, it’s coming off as a little overbearing."

"But I'm a fan. I like Luke P.," he repeated. 

See more in the video below. 

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