'The Bachelorette': Hannah Brown's Men Blow Up on 'Psychopath' Luke P. at Cocktail Party

The group heads east -- but the drama's sure to follow!

Hannah Brown and her men are on the move! 

The Bachelorette headed east, as the blonde beauty and her 15 suitors took on Boston, Massachusetts and Newport, Rhode Island, on episode four of the season -- and ET was live blogging along the way. 

While Hannah cut ties with contestant Cam on last week's episode (and also with Tyler G., who was mysteriously removed by production), as of Monday night, Luke P. was still in the running for her final rose. 

As Cam told ET last week, several men distanced themselves from Luke during filming -- but a few weren't quite able to get out of his path. Monday's episode saw tensions reach an all-time high as Luke P. allegedly bodyslammed Luke S. on their rugby date. The other men called him out for it, but Luke P. tried to manipulate Hannah into believing it was Luke S. who wasn't here for the "right reasons." 

Things subsequently blew up at the cocktail party, with the guys blowing up on Luke P., and Hannah not knowing what to think. Scroll down for a play-by-play of all the drama.

To Be Continued...

We end the episode with a "to be continued," as a promo shows the drama between Luke P. and Luke S. reaching another level. 

The men then head oversees for intense dates, makeout sessions and "snake" -- ooooooh!

Two Lukes, One Rose?

"This guy right here, he's good. This guy will do just about anything to screw you over," Luke S. tells the group. 

Luke P. tries to twist Luke S.' words. Dylan and Garrett try to jump in, telling Luke P. that he's full of "bullsh*t." 

"Karma is a b**ch, and you're going to get yours. Trust me," Luke S. hisses, as Hannah enters the group, asking to talk to the Lukes together. 

It's Still Not Over

Hannah talks to Luke S. again. "My issue is that you asked for him to --" she begins. 

"I'm trying to clear the air here because... I wasn't forcing him to do anything," Luke S. says, telling Hannah he just wants her to know the truth. 

It's clear Hannah is leaning towards believing Luke P. -- and Luke S. is freaking out. "Every bone in my body is praying that Hannah... sees him for the piece of crap he is." 

Luke S. Isn't Happy

"She doesn't trust me, and it's because what you said about the tequila thing, which is crap," Luke S. tells Luke P. 

Luke P. defends himself, but says he's going to go tell Hannah that what he said was wrong. 

"I know this has been a rough week for the both of us, and I don't ever want to be the guy that makes you have to go on an emotional roller coaster," Luke P. tells Hannah. "The last person I want to talk about right now is Luke S. but he came up to me asking me to put in a good word for him with you, which I have  no business [doing]." 

"Nothing has changed," Luke P. continues. 

Luke S. Is 'Here for the Right Reasons'

... or so the men tell him. "I didn't even know you had a tequila company," Garrett hilariously says. 

Luke S. then goes to chat with Hannah, trying to clear the air. "My character is of the utmost importance to me," Luke S. reveals. He says his parents were social workers and they raised him with morality. "I wanted to hear you on that." 

"Yes, I know there are other men here that don't really get along with Luke P.," Hannah concedes. "But I see both sides. So I'm still just trying to work out my emotions right now... I don't know who to trust in things. I'm confused by also irritated, but irritated in completely different ways." 


Mike calls Luke P. a psychopath, and Luke P. tries to prove he's not by showing the camera the "definition of psychopath" on a cell phone. (How did he get a cell phone?)

It's clear the battle's not over, however, as Mike doesn't hold back on trying to take Luke P. down a notch. 

Mike Confronts Luke P.

Mike isn't happy with Luke P.'s conduct -- and he's letting him now. 

"You're the cause of her not being the happiest right now," Mike tells Luke P. "You need my partner in the face while he was down!" 

Luke P. tries to defend himself and blame it all on Luke S. 

Peter Asks Hannah to Be His Girlfriend

Peter makes it official with Hannah, and asks her to be his girlfriend. 

"This is happening fast for me, but I have such a good feeling," Peter says as Hannah gushes about their relationship. 

Time for the Cocktail Party

"Some of the guys are a bit on edge," Big Mike tells the camera of the energy heading into the cocktail party. It seems tension is still high -- and Luke P. and Luke S.' fight isn't over.

"This week has been a hard week. It's made me question some of people's character," Hannah reveals upon greeting the guys. "[I'm] hopeful to get more clarity. Let's have a great night."  

Tyler Gets the Rose

"You were exactly what I needed today," Hannah says. "So Tyler, will  you accept this rose?" 

The pair then heads out for a private concert with Jake Owen. "I do believe we're made for each other, and she could be the one, for sure," Tyler raves. 

Tyler Cleans Up Well!

Tyler cleans up for the night portion of his and Hannah's date. "There are not many people who could have made me feel comforted today," she tells him. 

He is so attractive sweet, telling Hannah how he's ready to give himself to somebody else. "I almost didn't come here," he reveals. "My pops almost died, like two months before I came out here." 

Tyler's father was in the hospital and in a coma and he had to sign away his rights. It's an emotional conversation, and we love him even more. "I am falling hard," Tyler tells Hannah. "The world could be ours." 

What a Catch!

And we're talking about Tyler! The Florida native is able to cheer Hannah up, and they have a blast on their fishing date. 

They feed each other lobster, we love it, and we're ready to know more about Tyler. 

"I'm really glad I haven't let all my emotions get in the way," Hannah confesses. "I needed this today... I appreciate him being here and making me feel special." 


Tyler C. arrives for his date, and Hannah reveals that she's not in the best place. "Last night was just a lot... I'm just not that fun right now, so I'm really sorry," she tries to explain. 

Tyler is HERE for her. "There's no doubt in my mind that this is going to make you better," he says. "I want you in your lows. I'll take what I can get." 

"I want to show you that I can be that guy that picks you up," Tyler continues, getting Hannah to smile and WE'RE ALREADY IN LOVE. CHOOSE HIM. END THE SHOW. 

Hannah's Struggling

"I'm struggling with my emotions today," Hannah tells the camera the next day, revealing that she's confused over her feelings for Luke P. 

"I'm mad, if I can't even trust myself with my feelings," she says. "I want to have a good day with Tyler C., and just focus on Tyler C. today... but I don't know right now if I can."

"Honestly, I don't want to talk to anybody!" she cries. "I'm just not alright today." 

Hiiiiiii Ashley I.!

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon make a cameo appearance in a commercial for Always Be My Maybe. Hi, friends!!

Garrett Gets the Rose!

It's a rose for Garrett amid the drama with the Lukes. Hannah smiles from ear-to-ear as she walks away from the group -- and Kevin, WHO INJURED HIS SHOULDER FOR HER BUT DIDN'T EVEN GET ANY SCREENTIME. 

Alone Time With Peter

Pilot Pete gets some alone time, and he continues to be cute and adorable.

"Hannah is everything I've ever wanted," he says. "I feel butterflies every time I'm with her, and I love that." 

Luke vs. Luke

"I'm here for Hannah, and don't you ever forget it!" Luke S. hisses at Luke P. "I never want to see you again in my life!"

Luke P., however, wants to get to know Luke S. "on a deeper level." 

"I can't wait until you're tossed off this show!" Luke S. yells, walking away. 

Garrett Has a Crush

Amid the drama, Hannah sits down with Garrett, who is "crushing" on her hard. 

Hannah loves hearing about it, and they kiss. "I really am excited to see where our relationship goes," Hannah raves. "We didn't talk about any of the drama at all, and I really appreciated that." 

The Fight Heats Up

Luke P. walks into the guys talking sh*t about him (also, Kevin is back!). 

"I felt like I needed to defend myself," Luke P. says, as Luke S. gets fired up. The men get up and walk away in frustration. 

"They want to freak out and want to blow out of proportion me being physical on a rugby field," Luke P. tells the camera. 

Asking Around

Hannah gets more insight from the other guys, who have no problem sharing their frustrations with Luke P. 

"It makes me really question our relationship a lot," Hannah confesses. 

Luke S. Gets to Speak

Hannah takes Luke S. away to tell his side of the story. 

"Today was really tough for me," Luke S. says. "I walked up to him, and he had this glazed look in his eye... he picked me up and threw me on the ground, knocked the wind out of me, kneed me in the head and walked away." 

Hannah tells Luke S. what Luke P. said about him, and Luke S. admits the guys in the house don't like him (can one of these Lukes go home already? This is too much for us). 

"I would urge you to ask the other guys about it," Luke S. says. "We all have a thing with Luke P." 

Hannah brings up Luke S.'s tequila brand, and Luke S. is upset. 

Night Time -- and Everyone Hates Luke

It's time of the night portion of the date. Kevin is still in the hospital. "We think he's doing OK," Hannah says, before taking Luke P. away to go chat. 

"I don't know if you noticed, by Luke S. and I had an encounter in the field," Luke P. tries to explain, accusing Luke S. of trying to swing at him. "I picked him up and put him on his back." 

Luke P. says he's trying hard after his last conversation with Hannah. She wants to feel confident in her feelings for him, but admits she's worried. 

Luke P. apologizes, telling Hannah she doesn't want her to question his character. And then he says that he's seen red flags, like Luke S. talking about his liquor company -- and not Hannah. "I would never lie to you," Luke P. insists.

The Violence Continues

Luke P. is definitely "giving it all" he's got. He's ready to show her how much he'll fight for her -- even if that means getting into it with the guys. 

Luke P. tackles Luke S. -- and the latter is pissed. Luke P. tries to apologize, but Luke S. isn't having it. 

"He's an unstable guy, and he shouldn't be here," Luke S. says. 

An Injury Already

Minutes later, Kevin asks to see a medic. He can't move his shoulder. 

"Kevin had some shoulder injury. I think he just fell on it the wrong way," Garrett explains as Kevin is taken off in an ambulance.

"I'm just really hopefully that Kevin will be OK," Hannah says. 

Time for Battle

Fans arrive and the guys get ready for their rugby game. Things start off pretty intense , with Luke P. showing off his football background. 

The guys are getting TACKLED and Hannah's loving it. 

Hannah Beast Is Here

The men learn how to play rugby, and get a pep talk that sounds more like a warning that their legs could get ripped off. OK. 

Hannah's No. 1 priority, however, if for everyone to "have fun and be safe." 

The guys tackle each other, suit up into uniforms and prepare for battle. 


Blood, Sweat and Tears

It's the next day, and Hannah's ready to greet her guys for a little competition. "Blood, sweat and tears" are on the agenda as the guys find out they'll be playing rugby.

A Rose for Jed!

Jed convinces Hannah that he's here for her.

"I value your honesty with me... it's exactly what I've been asking for," Hannah says, before giving Jed the rose. 

They makeout more, and this date's ending on a high note (get it -- because music?).

Fessing Up

"He really is exactly what I wanted," Hannah gushes on the night portion of her date with Jed. 

They rave over the great day they've had and Jed feels like being "totally upfront." "Music is my passion. I want it more than anything in this world," he shares, revealing that pursuing music has been "hard and scary." 

"When I signed up for the show, I was skeptical... my first thought was 'This is a huge platform.' ... I came in with that mindset," he confesses -- and we respect it. But "now,  more than anything, I want to be with you." 

Hannah respects it too -- but asks Jed how he can turn his interest in music into an interest in marriage. 

The Next Date Card

It's a group date, and it's a big one. Connor, Garrett, Dustin, Devin, Grant, Peter, Kevin, Mike, Luke S., Luke P., John Paul Jones and more heading out for "blood, sweat and tears." 

Tyler C. is "extremely stoked" for his one-on-one date but Luke P. is excited to compete on the group date.

A Little Advice

Hannah sits down with Jaylen for a heart-to-heart about what she's looking for in a partner. (Yes, they just met. No, we don't know why this is happening.)

Then, she and Jed get some alone time to play HORSE and makeout on the court. "Today just put it all into areality. It's just triggered and exploded a spark into a flame," Jed says before making a pretty impressive shot. 


The surprise? That would be a little basketball with Boston Celtics stars Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown. 

Hannah and Jed get personalized jerseys and do their best to face off against the NBA players. 

Halo Top... Yes, Really.

Hannah and Jed ~spontaneously~ come across some Halo Top ice cream (remember their plug at Women Tell All?).

The blonde beauty is loving it, and loving spending time with Jed, who makes things feel natural and easy. "I have one last surprise for Jed. It's going to be really fun!" she exclaims. 


Kiss! Kiss!

We can barely hear Hannah and Jed's date in the bar, but we think they're getting along. The pub cheers and they kiss -- so that's a good sign!

No Taxation Without Representation!

Hannah adorably has trouble remembering Bostonian history (she kind of gets the Boston Tea Party). But lucky for us, Jed's here to help her learn. 

Our Bachelorette is so excited to spend time with Jed, and "today's all about fun. Fun and America." Hannah plays tour guide and Jed goes with it. 

They kiss in a photo booth and it's adorable. And then they head to Cheers!

A One-on-One for Jed!

We catch back up with the group in good ol' RI, and their first date card is here. 

"Jed, meet me in Boston," the card says. 

Time to Leave the Mansion!

The men react to Cam leaving before Chris Harrison walks in to notice how the "room's getting smaller." Oh, he's also here to tell them that Hannah knows how to handle her own -- and that they're officially on the move, and headed to the east coast! 

"You guys are heading to Newport, Rhode Island!" Chris says as the guys cheer like they're going... somewhere else. 


We're only at the promo, and the drama is here! Luke P. is supposedly off the rails, Big Mike is confronting him and Hannah is in tears!

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