What 'Bachelorette' Producers Told the Cast About Tyler G.'s Sudden Exit (Exclusive)

Contestant Cam Ayala tells ET that the situation was 'nipped in the bud' pretty quickly.

One day, Tyler Gwozdz was a frontrunner on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, and the next, he was mysteriously removed from the show. 

Tyler's exit was given a one-line explanation from Hannah on Monday night's episode of the ABC dating show, during which she casually mentioned that he "had to leave, and that's upsetting because I really enjoyed my date with him." It wasn't discussed further. While speaking with ET's Lauren Zima for Tuesday's episode of our Bachelor Nation series, Roses and Rose, on Tuesday, contestant Cam Ayala said contestants weren't given much more of an explanation. 

"It was kind of surprising to all of us," he said, noting that he and the rest of the guys found out Tyler was leaving on the day of the photo shoot group day. "We were all by the pool, having a regular conversation, and next thing I know, Tyler's gone." 

Cam said that producers told him and the rest of the men, "We can't really talk about this, but it's in the best interest for Hannah and for Tyler for him to no longer be here." Hannah never discussed it further with the guys. "It was pretty nipped in the bud pretty quickly and not a lot of comments were made on it," Cam recalled. 

Tyler was reportedly removed from the show amid online comments about his past behavior. ET has reached out to ABC for comment. 

"It's been limited information that they gave us in regards to Tyler's departure... It was definitely a shock for all of us because he got the first rose from the first one-on-one date," Cam said. "It was a shock for everyone in the house." He has not spoken or reached out to Tyler since. 

While speaking with ET last week, Hannah had nothing but kind things to say about her short-lived time with Tyler. 

"I feel like he was a really good first date for me because, obviously, my first dates don't always go that well," she joked, referencing her awkward first date with Colton Underwood on The Bachelor. "[Tyler] was just really calming and nurturing for me to feel confident going into these one-on-ones, because that's a long time with a person with a very intimate... well... as intimate as you can get." 

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