'The Bachelorette': Luke Parker Returns After Hannah Brown's Windmill Bombshell in Shocking Promo

Monday's episode was all about the windmill.

We finally made it! 

The night we've been waiting for came and went -- on Monday night, Bachelorette Hannah Brown reached fantasy suites... and her fight with Luke and her big windmill moment. 

ET live blogged along the way with our eyes peeled for windmills. And while Nick Viall speculated Hannah "f**ked in a windmill" with either Jed or Tyler, it was Peter who got the honors. The 27-year-old pilot got the week's first overnight date (in a windmill, if we haven't said it enough), followed by Tyler, whose respectfulness made Hannah cry, and then Jed, who picked a fight over Luke. Then came our man of God, who insulted Hannah for lacking the commitment to faith that he wanted. So, she flipped him the bird and said goodbye after a very dramatic 15-minute conversation about who she did and didn't sleep with (in a windmill -- we're saying it one more time). 

Scroll down for minute-by-minute updates of all the drama. 

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