'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Thinks Jed Wyatt Should 'Just Sort of Go Away' Amid Girlfriend Drama (Exclusive)

The former 'Bachelor' thinks Wyatt's hometown date was 'fishy.'

Colton Underwood thinks Jed Wyatt should take some time for himself -- away from the spotlight. 

ET's Lauren Zima spoke with the former Bachelor on the red carpet at the 2019 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday, where he offered his thoughts on The Bachelorette frontrunner's alleged girlfriend drama. 

"I think if there is any doubt about the whole conspiracy theory in the drama going on with Jed, it was put to rest and sort of confirmed just with that hometown [date], because you could see something wasn't really right, or [his family was] sort of biting their lips for some things," Underwood said. "It was a little fishy. It was a little off, a little awkward."

Nashville musician Haley Stevens came forward to ET last month claiming that she was in a relationship with Wyatt when he went off to film The Bachelorette in March. She alleged that Wyatt only intended to make it to the top five to build name recognition for his music career, and claimed that he planned to come back to her after filming. 

Wyatt hasn't been able to address the claims directly, but asked fans in an Instagram post on Monday morning to stop attacking his family over the situation. His family was featured in Monday's episode of The Bachelorette during his Tennessee hometown date, but made it clear they thought he should focus on his career instead of dating Hannah Brown

"He shouldn't come back from this. He should just sort of go away," Underwood suggested, before offering his thoughts on Brown's clear affection for Wyatt. "Being in the position Hannah's been in before, you sort of have these blinders on, and you're sort of dialed in and focused on the relationship, and you don't take in sort of the cues that sometimes you should in regular relationships, or the red flags."

"So I feel for her, because she's so deserving of somebody who is going to make her happy day in and day out, and not have to worry about lying," he added. 

Brown, of course, made it to the top seven on Underwood's season of The Bachelor, which aired earlier this year. The former football player has since moved to Los Angeles to be closer to his final pick and girlfriend, Cassie Randolph. He's also able to attend events like the ESPY Awards. 

"This is my first time at the ESPYs. Who would have known I would have got here through Bachelor and not football?" he joked. "I'm super honored to be here. There's so many cool people. It's going to be a fun night."

As for Underwood's relationship with Randolph, the two couldn't be happier after recently jetting off for some R&R in Bermuda.


"We were so excited to get to Bermuda. It was our first vacation where we really didn't do anything other than just drink and lay on a beach," he gushed. "And nobody was filming us!"

"So, we got to snorkel and stuff. It was much needed," Underwood continued. "She just started back up with her internship and her schooling for the fall, so I'm so, so proud of her, and what she does and balances everything. It's very impressive."

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