Why 'The Bachelorette' Cast Is Still Defending Jed Wyatt After Girlfriend Scandal (Exclusive)

Mike Johnson, Dylan Barbour and John Paul Jones open up to ET about how Wyatt was in the house.

The cast of The Bachelorette is sticking up for Jed Wyatt amid his girlfriend scandal. 

The Nashville-based musician has been the target of backlash after his ex-girlfriend, Haley Stevens, came forward last month alleging that they were in a relationship when he went on the show. She claimed to ET that Wyatt only planned to make it to Hannah Brown's top five to promote his music career, and alleged that he would return to her after the show. 

Wyatt spoke out about the drama in an Instagram post on July 8, revealing that he couldn't yet directly address the scandal, but begged fans to stop attacking his family over the situation. "Whether the rumors are true or false, don't come at Jed's sister. Don't come at his mom. Don't come at his people," Bachelorette fan-favorite Mike Johnson told ET's Lauren Zima at the show's Men Tell All taping last Friday. "Come at Jed. Straight up."

Like many of Wyatt's co-stars, Johnson found him to be one of the more likable men in the house. "Let's be real. Jed was super. Jed and Dylan [Barbour] together are the dynamic duo of just hilariousness," he said. Barbour agreed. 

"I really liked Jed. I mean, he's one of my best friends in the house. We spent a lot of time together. We were roommates every time we traveled. So, I'm really hoping he finds love with Hannah, and I'm just hoping at the end of the day, Hannah's happy because that's what this is all about," he said. 

Though promos have shown controversial contestant Luke Parker returning to the show after his elimination, it's safe to say that Brown's final three men are Wyatt, Tyler Cameron and Peter Weber (who has ex-girlfriend drama of his own). 

"I love Tyler and Peter. I'm really hoping she picks Jed. I liked Jed. I think he genuinely loves her and I think Tyler and Peter also feel the same way," Barbour speculated. "I felt like Hannah and Jed had a connection since Rhode Island that was unmatched by anybody else. So I'm hoping that it's authentic. I hope they kinda maintain that connection and it works out."

John Paul Jones was also a fan of Wyatt in the house. "Jed was just a really sweet guy and, you know, I've never heard him say anything bad to anyone," he told ET. As for Wyatt's scandal, John Paul Jones said he's not prepared to make a judgment until he gets the "facts." "I really don't know all the facts of the matter and I am not sure about the primary sources, so, you know, I can't really have a concrete position on that," he reasoned. 

Johnson said that "based on what I'm seeing and hearing," Wyatt has some explaining to do -- regardless of if he earns Brown's final rose. Her two-night finale airs July 29 and 30. "He made my girl unhappy, and so whether [the reports] are true or false, he needs to put a smile back on Hannah's face." 

Barbour also noted that at the end of the day, it's all about the Bachelorette. "I'm really hoping that Hannah finds love in the end. I don't know what happens," he said. "I know from my experience that the top three guys are all great gentlemen, and I'm just really hoping that she finds love and she finds happiness. And I'm also hoping the guy she picks finds happiness."

Host Chris Harrison, meanwhile, told ET that he's looking forward to "pushing" Wyatt on the scandal. See more in the video below. 

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