Demi Lovato Dishes on Her Star-Studded FaceTime Chats With Ariana Grande and More

Demi Lovato
'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

Her manager, Scooter Braun, sets up the nightly video calls, which feature guests of honor like Bill Clinton.

Demi Lovato is keeping busy with some famous friends while quarantining amid the coronavirus outbreak. The 27-year-old pop star appeared as a guest on the at-home edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday where she performed her new single, "I Love Me," and opened up about how she's coping in quarantine. 

"There's this giant FaceTime group chat that my manager started, Scooter [Braun], and he just called, like, 30 random celebrities," she revealed. "It's actually really funny because the first night that I got on, I answered the phone and it was [former President] Bill Clinton on FaceTime. He was the guest of honor. And all the sudden I see Ariana [Grande] and Katy Perry and all these celebrities and Scooter. And every night it's somebody new." 

Lovato herself fangirled over Mark Cuevas from the popular Netflix series, Love Is Blind

"I freaked out over Mark from Love Is Blind," she said. "It's just really funny because you can't really get anybody on there in the entertainment business that would be cool because everybody on that chat is in the entertainment business. So you have to get somebody on there that's a politician or from a reality show. I think we had someone from Tiger King one night. It's so wild. It's like, who's gonna be next?"

While she can't see any stars in person at the moment, Lovato is getting in some quality time with her family as they all remain quarantined together. 

"You know that saying, 'You can't choose your family'? Well, I would totally choose them," the Disney Channel alum gushed of her mom, stepfather, and two sisters. "I've always known that but I came to that realization the other day."

Lovato didn't mention her new boyfriend, Max Ehrich, during the interview, but fans noticed that the Young and the Restless star is another guest Lovato is seeing during quarantine after she made an accidental cameo on his Instagram Live last week. Watch the clip below for more: