Demi Lovato Says Fans Will See a 'Sexy' and 'Vulnerable' Side to Her on New Tour (Exclusive)

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Fans will see a different side to Demi Lovato on her new tour. 

ET's Keltie Knight exclusively spoke with the 25-year-old singer as she prepared to hit the stage in San Jose, California, where she opened up about what fans can expect from her "sexy" 2018 tour with special guests DJ Khaled and Kehlani. 

"We actually only meant for the first few songs to be sexy," Lovato confessed. "And also on the B-stage, we wanted to showcase all aspects of myself as an artist, playing guitar and playing piano... showing a sexy side, but also being vulnerable and open with the audience." 

Vulnerability is especially important to Lovato, who brought six survivors of the Parkland, Florida, shooting onstage during her opening night in San Diego on Monday. 

"We thought, 'What an incredible opportunity it would be for them for healing.' Set aside politics. It's time to heal, for the night. It's just for the night. It's time to heal," she explained. "I wanted to help out them and their community, and a lot of them aren't getting the help they need, because there's not enough guidance counselors."

"We wanted to partner with them. CAST wanted to partner with them. We did a text to donate. On the screen we gave a number you can donate money to help in their community," she said, before sharing more about her partnership with CAST on Tour to bring awareness to mental health issues. 

"It's important that you make time for the things that are very important to you and CAST is something that is very near and dear to my heart. I went through the program myself. That's how I got sober," said Lovato, who is now part owner of CAST Centers. "To be able to co-own it now is a dream, and it's a great way to inspire my fans before the show and kind of check in with them and get them ready for later, in hopes that it inspires them to do something with their lives, make a change and hopefully learn to love themselves."

DJ Khaled and Kehlani couldn't be more on board with Lovato's plan for the tour, with Khaled telling ET that "it was an honor" to be invited to come along. 

"She came to one of my shows... and she saw me perform and I did a show, and she loved it," he said, adding that his son, Asahd, will "pop up in and out" of the tour. "When [Lovato] put this tour together, she was like, 'I want you on my tour.' I was like, 'Let's do it!'"

"I think it was in October or November [when I got the call]," Kehlani chimed in. "I was like, 'Word, that's crazy, because she was my ring tone in middle school!" 

"I got the good life. I get to sing and get off stage and turn up to him [DJ Khaled] and turn up to Demi. I feel like a super fan in the cuts to all my friends, and just like, he plays all the jams," she continued. "So we are going to be over there, crazy every night."  

Lovato agreed that she's definitely pumping up the party on this tour. 

"I think I've never really put on a show as an entertainer. I've always focused more on my vocals, but in this show it's really a show," she raved. "It's an experience and I think that's what people aren't really expecting, but we'll get to see when they come to the show."

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