Demi Lovato Was In 'Great Mood' at Concert 2 Days Before Overdose (Exclusive)

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Demi Lovato was on her A-game, professionally speaking, mere days before she was hospitalized on Tuesday for what sources tell ET was a drug overdose. On Sunday, the singer's "Tell Me You Love Me World Tour" touched down in Paso Robles for a stop at the 2018 California Mid-State Fair.

An eyewitness that attended Lovato’s show tells ET the singer “was in a great mood” and “was her normal enthusiastic Demi-self.”

The eyewitness tells ET that at one point during the concert, and just before singing the last verse of the her hit song "Sober," Lovato said, "'F**k, I forgot the words' and walked off stage. It was an emotional song. She seemed to be almost in tears."

“I think it was because it was a new song and she was emotional. That is why she forgot the words,” the eyewitness explains. “As a fan, that made her seem more human. We all make mistakes. Even though she rehearses so many times, she makes mistakes. She is the first person to tell you we are all human and not perfect.”

The eyewitness adds that Lovato "didn’t seem under the influence" during the concert.

It is the same show that Iggy Azalea spoke of with ET earlier this month, when she excitedly revealed that she was opening for Lovato. At the time, Azalea said, "I had known about it, as her close friend," regarding Lovato's rumored relapse, but added that she was proud of the 25-year-old for being "open with the world" when she released the track "Sober."

Lovato, who a source tells ET is currently "stable" following the drug overdose, performed the song at the Fair, along with her Christina Aguilera duet, "Fall in Line," which she introduced by saying that she loves the song because "it's about women empowerment." Fans called the concert "amazing."

Last week, she performed as part of Amazon's Post-Prime Day Celebration Concert on Friday in Seattle, Washington. "It's actually my favorite holiday," Lovato joked onstage. "Some of you like Christmas, but I'm more of a Post-Prime kind of girl."

Lovato's tour was scheduled to continue on Thursday, with a performance in Atlantic City, New Jersey, before heading to Mexico in September for a string of international dates that would continue through the end of November.

The singer added "Sober" to her setlist after its release last month, emotionally belting the track for the first time during tour stops in Europe. Lovato had been sober for six years before she addressed rumors of a relapse with the song, in which she apologizes for letting down herself, her family and her fans.

"I'm sorry for the fans I lost who watched me fall again / I wanna be a role model, but I'm only human," Lovato sings on the track. "I don't know why I do it every, every, every time / It's only when I'm lonely / Sometimes I just wanna cave and I don't wanna fight."


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