Denise Richards Reacts to Garcelle Beauvais Saying She Wants to Return to 'RHOBH' (Exclusive)

Richards talked about her possible return to the reality series, her new Lifetime movie & her work on 'The Bold and the Beautiful.'

Denise Richards isn't ruling out a return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with Richards about the possibility of picking up that diamond once again after RHOBH's Garcelle Beauvais shared that Richards reportedly wants to return to the show.

"You know, I really did enjoy working on the show. I hate to even say working on it. I liked being a part of the show, and I had fun with most of the women, not all!" Richards said.

And while she's no longer on the reality TV series, her fallout with some of the current cast members is still a hot topic of conversation on the show.

"I am going to ask them, 'Do I get paid for every time my name comes up?'" the soap star joked, adding that she's just started watching the current season. "I just started watching the last couple of episodes."

With the "real-life stuff" the ladies are dealing with this season, Richards said she'd "never, say never."

"You know, I always say 'never say never,'" she revealed. "It feels like they have real-life stuff, you know? Real-life stuff going on this season."

She continued, "I think that they couldn't not talk about some of the things that's going on."

"I mean, it's very public, and I know that's a very difficult situation, I would imagine too," she added of the legal and personal-life drama Erika Jayne is facing in her highly publicized divorce from former attorney Tom Girardi. 

While her former RHOBH cast members deal with their real-life dramas, Richards has plenty of on-screen action to keep her busy, with her new Lifetime movie, Killer Cheer Mom, airing this Saturday and the latest season of The Bold and the Beautiful in the works.

Killer Cheer Mom follows high school junior Riley (Courtney Fulk), who moves to a new town with her dad (Thomas Calabro) and stepmom, Amanda (Richards), and decides to try out for the cheer squad despite stiff competition. With Amanda supporting her, Riley is hopeful she will make it on. But when some cheerleaders are expelled or injured under suspicious circumstances and Riley’s chances get better and better, she can’t help but wonder if Amanda is doing whatever it takes to get Riley on the squad.

Though her new role as a determined cheer mom who will stop at nothing to get her daughter on the squad is "against type," Richards said Lifetime's latest is one for the whole family.

"I think it's the type of movie that the whole family can watch as well," she told ET.

Cheerleading runs in Richards' blood, with the 50-year-old actress sharing that her two older daughters have also tried out the sport. 

"Actually both of the older girls, they did do cheerleading," Richards revealed. "They liked it."

Watch Richards when Killer Cheer Mom premieres, Saturday, Aug. 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and on The Bold and the Beautiful at 10:30 a.m. ET weekdays on CBS.