Desi Perkins Says Helping Her Mom Retire Is One of Her 'Proudest' Moments (Exclusive)

Desi Perkins

The beauty guru gives ET an exclusive look into her collaborations and her relationship with her family.

Desi Perkins couldn't be more grateful for all the success that's come her way!

ET recently spoke with the YouTube star at the celebration of Shiseido Makeup’s launch of ColorGel LipBalm, where she opened up about all the ways she's been able to give back to her family since making it big as a beauty guru.

"Everything I do is for my family and that’s my happy place," she gushed to ET's Kristen Gill. "They’re always at the house with me and I work with my family and it’s just the core of everything. We have such a strong community and a strong bond and we’re all rooting for each other."

Perkins, who is of Spanish and Mexican ethnicity, continued on, explaining why she's so proud to be a Latina and represent for the Latinx community. She said she wants to take care of her family as they did for her while growing up in California. Her mother, Patty, particularly made a lot of sacrifices for Perkins and her family.


"My mom immigrated here at a young age and she worked her a** off my whole life to make sure we had what we needed," Perkins shared. "She's been working so, so much for as long as I can remember, non-stop, I don't know how she did it."

As a way to thank her mother for everything she has done, Perkins was able to provide for her mother's retirement. The makeup artist revealed, "It's one of my proudest moments for me and I think it's great to see someone else that came from not a lot and is living their dreams."

At the intimate brunch in Malibu, hosted by Perkins, 14 friends and family members attended, including fellow gurus Eman, Angel Merino, Shayla, Diana Madison, LianeV and Griselda.

During our interview, Perkins also told ET that she would love to have her own collection one day, saying, "That's my goal. I do definitely want to have my own thing."


On top of that, the 31-year-old Perkins is also working with the sunglasses brand Quay. Her collaboration with Quay surpassed every celebrity that has done a line with them. 

"I never thought it would be going this long but it's just working out so well and I love designing sunglasses, so I'm glad everybody keeps supporting and collecting actually," she exclaimed.

This accomplishment has made Perkins even more motivated. The reason the beauty influencer continues to be this dedicated is because she shares her successes with her family.

"It makes it feel possible that you can do whatever you want," she shared. "You just have to work hard."

When asked about her future plans, Perkins teased there is something her fans can look forward to: "You never know what might happen next year. We'll see. I'm going to work my a** off and we'll see!"


Speaking of working hard, fellow Latina Jennifer Lopez has been hard at work for her It's My Party tour, which kicks off June 7 at The Forum in Los Angeles. But as always, she is still slaying with new fashion trends.

"This kind of Jenny from the Block style, that kept with me, but being exposed to all of these amazing couture designers over the years and all of their incredible creations really expanded my fashion sense," Lopez recently told ET on the red carpet at the 2019 CFDA Fashion Awards.