Does The Weeknd Diss Drake’s Secret Baby in New Track 'Lost in the Fire'?

The Weeknd and Drake
Steven Ferdman, Karwai Tang/WireImage

Fans are speculating that the singer is trying to reignite a long-rumored feud with the 'In My Feelings' artist.

Looks like Drake's kid may be making another appearance in a music feud. 

The Weeknd and French producer Gesaffelstein released a new song on Thursday, "Lost in the Fire," and one of the singer's lyrics in the track has fans speculating that the artist is calling out fellow Toronto-born rapper Drake.

Many lyric sites have quoted a line from the song in which The Weeknd supposedly sings, "And I just want a baby with the right one/‘Cause I would never be the one to hide one."

Fans across the internet were quick to jump on the lyric, claiming it might be a not-so-subtle reference to a secret child Drake fathered with French artist and former adult actress Sophie Brussaux in October 2017.

The existence of Drake's son, Adonis, first came to light in a diss track released by Pusha T amid their very public feud. Drake later confirmed speculation and acknowledged being a father in a track on his 2018 album, Scorpion.

However, there's some disagreement regarding the lyrics. According to Apple Music, the lyric is not "I would never be the one to hide one," but rather, "I would never be the one to hurt one," which would seemingly negate speculation regarding The Weeknd's intent to call out Drake.

That being said, a feud between the two artists wouldn't be unheard of. While their relationship was seemingly healed in recent years -- and the two have even performed together on stage a few times since 2017 -- things were shaky between the performers for several years.

While Drake was famously instrumental in launching The Weeknd's career, things seemingly soured in 2012 when The Weeknd signed with Republic Records instead of Drake's OVO Sound label. This was followed by several years of shade throwing and controversial public statements.

It remains to be seen if the lyrics in "Lost in the Fire" are intended to reignite their rumored feud, or are simply a complicated misinterpretation fueled by fan gossip.