Dolly Parton Picks Which ‘Friends’ Guy She’d Marry in the Funniest Way Possible

Dolly Parton and Jennifer Aniston

Dolly Parton will be there for you!

The 72-year-old country music icon is currently promoting the Netflix film Dumplin’ with star Jennifer Aniston, so naturally, she has some questions about her pal's hit sitcom, Friends

During the actress and singer's Thursday night appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Parton was asked if she ever had a wig in the style of Aniston’s famous haircut, “The Rachel.” 

"Of course! Everybody wanted to look like her,” Parton said, lamenting that she didn’t have a photo of herself to show the audience. 

Host Corden then asked Parton to play a game with the three male leads from Friends — Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Ross (David Schwimmer), and Chandler (Matthew Perry) — asking which one she’d marry, which one she’d have sex with, and which one she’d go on a cruise with. 

Not exactly understanding the game, Parton showed off her loyal side when making her selections. 

“Well, Chandler was already with Monica in the show, so that’s out. Ross was with [Aniston], and we’re girlfriends, so I wouldn’t do that,” she said, nodding to Aniston. "Joey though, on the other hand, he was the only one who left the show kinda single, so I think I’d go with him.” 

Using her trademark humor, Parton added, "Joey probably had clap and syphilis, so I’d take him to the doctor.”

When Corden tried to explain the game better, Parton conceded, "I would take Ross to Dollywood.”

Finally, she made a choice saying she’d go on a cruise with Ross and have sex with Chandler, prompting Aniston to make a funny face.  

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The 49-year-old actress opened up about the news that Netflix was keeping Friends on for an additional $100 million after fans protested that it was set to leave the streaming service in 2019. 

"I didn’t even know the rumor that it was going to be taken away, so this is all news to me,” she said. 

As for a reunion from the beloved series, Aniston noted, once again, that’s she’s down to play Rachel Green, even in the future. 

"The girls always say we would love to do it again. The boys are a little less excited about it for some reason,” she said of her co-stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. "We’ve decided that we’ll just do a remake of the Golden Girls in like 40 years. Just try to go out on wicker chairs, you know what I mean.”

She added that she’d like to be Betty White’s Golden Girls character, before noting, "Well do we have to? Maybe they’ll be three different Golden Girls… What if we’re Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica as just Golden Girls?"

Aniston recently opened up to ET about the upcoming 25th anniversary of Friends. 

For more from the interview, watch the clip below: 


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