'Downton Abbey' Cast Talks Famous Fans Michelle Obama, Diddy and More

See who else loves the hit show!

After six seasons, Downton Abbey has amassed a huge fanbase eagerly awaiting the arrival of the upcoming film -- including a few familiar faces!

ET's Nischelle Turner was on hand at the film's London premiere on Monday, where the film's cast discussed some fellow celebrities who just can't to wait to return to the picturesque Yorkshire estate to see the beloved Crawleys once again.

"Michelle Obama," Phyllis Logan (aka Mrs. Hughes) said on the red carpet when asked who is the most famous fan she's encountered. "[Put that in] your pipe and smoke!" she jokingly added.

But that was hardly the only famous fan they'd met. Michelle Dockery (aka Lady Mary Crawley) also shared an unforgettable story from the 2014 Golden Globes: "One of the best photographs I've ever taken was of P. Diddy and [show and film producer] Julian Fellowes. It was great!"

But, as fans will remember, Diddy also posed for some photos with Dockery and Laura Carmichael (aka Lady Edith Crawley).

Dockery continued: "There were more. I mean, Mick Jagger came over to us once at the Met Ball and told us he loved the show. I mean, we were constantly blown away by the people that watched it. Diddy's my favorite really. I mean, you know... I love it." 

She also expressed her amazement at fans' adoration for the show and now the feature film, stating, "This is amazing. It really is. I mean, the TV show was one thing. I mean, this is really -- it's quite -- it's incredible…it's a real moment for us all.

Carmichael also discussed her and Dockery's surreal encounter with Diddy: "Michelle and I met Diddy at the Golden Globes. And, like, he'd just done a Funny or Die sketch and so we knew he'd seen it… But we could see him, he was sort of…a floor below us and we could see him making his way towards us. We're like, 'He's not coming over, he's coming over.' So that was probably our biggest like 'this is not happening' moment."

In the new film, the well-to-do family and their servants assemble to welcome King George V and Queen Mary to the Abbey in 1927, leading to intrigue, humor and touching reunions.

Downtown Abbey arrives in theaters on Sept. 20.

Check out more details from the red carpet in the clip above!


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