Dr. Phil's Top Tips for Homeschooling, Pajama Days & Mental Health During Self-Isolation (Exclusive)

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As people around the world navigate life in self-isolation, Dr. Phil McGraw is offering up some tips on how to cope with the extended period of home time.

Speaking to ET, the Dr Phil host’s first and foremost advice was for people to remember that lockdown is only temporary.

“Right now, I think they have to acknowledge that this is a time limited situation,” he said. “We're not in this forever! This too shall pass.”

The 69-year-old professional added that he has been spending his quarantine time playing games like Yahtzee with his wife of 43 years, Robin.

But for those who have children to contend with during the lockdown, he said it is important to acknowledge trying times and be mindful of taking time out when needed.

“You’ve got four children at home that you're having to teach now and be home-school teachers [for] And, maybe one computer,” he said. “So, people need to have a family meeting, sit down and say, ‘Look this is a tough situation, let's not pretend it's not. Let's acknowledge that we all need space -- emotional space, physical space.’”

And, while some are enjoying everyday being pajama day, McGraw cautioned against the lazy practice.

“Don’t stay in your pajamas all day and stay in bed -- you could really get depressed,” he warned. “Get up, take a shower, get dressed. Don't stop grooming and taking care of yourself just because you're shut in!”

"Start a project, start a garden, rearrange your closet,” he continued. “Keep yourself busy!”

In between new projects, fans can still catch McGraw continuing to film his show from home.

“I'm able to do shows from here in the kitchen,” he said. “I'm talking to you through an iPad and Robin has some of her makeup lights in here for lighting. So, I’m using Zoom and I'm able to do shows from here and talk to guests. It’s not as pretty and we don’t have as many of the bells and whistles, but I’m able to still talk to people about things that matter.”

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