Drew Barrymore Shoots Talk Show Pilot for CBS

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Drew Barrymore is looking to add talk show host to her already long resume!

ET has learned that the former Santa Clarita Diet star shot a daytime talk show pilot for CBS Television Distribution in New York this week.

While details of the show's format have yet to be revealed, ET has learned that Barrymore is an executive producer on the project and, if picked up, it's expected to premiere in fall 2020.

As we patiently await more details on Barrymore's latest project, ET's rounding up all the reasons why the 44-year-old actress' new gig will be perfect.

The celebrity guests will be epic.

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore and Lucy Liu at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on May 1.
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Barrymore's squad rolls deep, so we're expecting many of her celeb pals (like Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, Lake Bell and Charlie's Angels co-stars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu) to make guest appearances on the show. Plus, she's always supporting fellow stars in the spotlight, recently giving social media shout-outs to Justin Bieber, Hailee Steinfeld, Chip and Joanna Gaines, Howard Stern, Trevor Noah and Jim Gaffigan.

There will be lots of laughter.

It's rare to see a photo of Barrymore where she's not smiling; she always appears happy in the public eye and her laugh is infectious. Those are some of the qualities that made us first fall in love with the strawberry blonde-headed actress back in the '80s, when she appeared in movies like Irreconcilable Differences, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Far From Home.

Need more proof? Watch the video above to see the hilarious confession Barrymore made about her 6-year-old daughter, Olive, in a candid discussion with Norm Macdonald last fall.

She gives solid advice.

A talk show is a perfect platform to engage in educational discussion, raise awareness and spark social change, and while we're hoping Barrymore won't shy away from those topics, we also have our fingers crossed for advice on love and dating. After all, this is the star of Never Been Kissed we're talking about! 

Take, for example, the sweet and inspiring message she dedicated to all the singles on Valentine's Day this year. "This day is just about love, period. If you don't have it with a romantic partner (I'm single and have not been able to successfully date for almost four years, so what do I know, you ask?) I believe with all my heart in the human heart," she wrote via Instagram. "There are just good days and bad days. Really difficult -- test your will to live -- days. And days where you feel so alive your skin tingles and your smile might just rip your face apart until it floats right up into heaven and you want to sky write about how godd**n happy you are!!!!!"

"But the constant love usually has been my kids and my friends. A type of love that does not require a romantic partnership and navigation," she continued. "I have fought my way to a deeper happiness on my own, and I love being independent! It just rules ... As for today, don't waste the day being sad about what you don’t have! Be happy about what you do have. It's there. I promise."

Hear more in the video below.


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