Drew Barrymore’s Message to Singles on Valentine’s Day Will Give You Hope

Drew Barrymore

If Valentine’s Day bummed you out, Drew Barrymore is here to turn that frown upside down! 

The 43-year-old actress took to Instagram on Thursday to share a sweet and inspiring post about learning to love herself and being grateful for the good things in life. 

In the selfie, Barrymore captured the touching Post-It notes on the mirror in her trailer that read, “Hey D.B. You are f**king amazing and a total babe (duh). Don’t doubt this for even a second today! - Joy.” 

"I am not totally sure what Valentine’s Day is supposed to feel like. But when I walked into my trailer today at work and saw that my friend Joy had put this on my mirror, I knew,” Barrymore captioned the pic. 

She also gave single guys and girls a shout out, writing, “If you don’t have it with a romantic partner (I’m single and have not been able to successfully date for almost four years, so what do I know, you ask?) I believe with all my heart in the human heart. There are just good days and bad days. Really difficult — test your will to live days. And days where you feel so alive your skin tingles and your smile might just rip your face apart until it floats right up into heaven and you want to sky write about how godd**n happy you are!!!!!"

The Santa Clarita Diet star, who divorced husband Will Kopelman in 2016, noted that she’s been working on herself, adding, "I have fought my way to a deeper happiness on my own, and I love being independent! It just rules. I am also lucky enough to have two young amazing kids and a full-time job, and rad friends. So I’m not sitting around bummed out. I feel stupid grateful.” 

Despite this, she admitted that the holiday can be a tough one for her. 

"But I’m still a romantic at heart. As for today, don’t waste the day being sad about what you don’t have!” she said. "Be happy about what you do have. It’s there. I promise.”

Some of Barrymore’s celebrity pals commented on the post, with Busy Philipps writing, "So sweet and perfect,” and Mindy Kaling posting a crying emoji.

For more Valentine’s Day love, watch the clip below: 


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