Dua Lipa Announces Studio 2054 Event: 'It's Like a Live Music Video'

The British pop star announced the news on Wednesday and spoke with ET about the unique experience.

Dua Lipa wants to take her fans on a ride. The 25-year-old British pop star announced her upcoming Studio 2054 experience on Wednesday, an exclusive event via LIVENow described as a "multi-dimensional live experience." 

ET spoke with Lipa ahead of her big announcement, where she explained that it was the lack of touring to promote her new album, Future Nostalgia, that inspired the event. 

"I made this record to be able to go out there and perform it and experience the crowds and the people and it has been quite upsetting and disheartening having to move it," she told ET of the tour. "I totally understand that’s the way things are at the moment and hopefully we'll be able to get together and celebrate, but in the meantime, I have something really special prepared for my fans." 

She went on to explain that the event is "not like a live show," adding that she "would never be able to do this on tour." 

Lipa noted that Studio 2054 is more akin to a "live music video."

"It's very theatrical. It'll be very fun. It's like, you know, a special set made just for this and we've got, you know, dancers and choreography and outfit changes and guest appearances and guest performers," she shared. 

The live event will be shot in a massive warehouse as Lipa moves through custom sets, including surreal TV shows, roller discos, ecstatic raves, trashy hangouts, voguing ballrooms and diva-style dressing rooms. 

The event will feature music from Future Nostalgia, Club Future Nostalgia, and her debut album. It will be streamed starting Friday, Nov. 27, at different times around the world. 

Tickets cost $11.99 and are also available in bundles for $27.50 and are available starting Friday, Oct. 30, at 8 a.m. GMT.