Dua Lipa on Why It Was So Special to Have Miley Cyrus Perform at Her Sunny Hill Festival in Kosovo (Exclusive)

The singer opened up to ET about having Cyrus perform at the festival she organized in Kosovo along with her father in August.

Dua Lipa has nothing but love for Miley Cyrus after the "Slide Away" songstress headlined the Sunny Hill music festival in Prishtina, Kosovo, at her request.

Lipa -- who organized the festival alongside her Kovoso-born father, Dukagjin Lipa -- opened up to ET on Monday about how she got Cyrus to perform at her fledgling event back in early August.

"She's a queen!" Lipa told ET's guest correspondent Rachel Smith.

"I just kind of reached out to her and asked her if she would be down," Lipa explained. "I'm just so grateful to her, because in Kosovo, we've never had an international female artist like Miley come down to do a show like that."

While Lipa was born in England, both of her parents hail from Prishtina, and the singer is tremendously proud of her heritage -- which is the main reason behind starting Sunny Hill, and one reason she appreciate Cyrus' well-received performance.

"Not only did she come down but she killed it! People lost their minds," Lipa recalled with a smile. "She was so good, and it was such a night to remember."

When she's not busy organizing major, star-studded music festivals, Lipa is also working hard as the face of the new YSL Fragrance, Libre, which she was promoting in New York City at the launch of a new campaign when she spoke with ET. And the singer couldn't contain her excitement over the collaboration.

"I felt like it was a perfect fit because we have a lot of the same values and we believed in the same thing," Lipa shared. "At the end of the day, this is a beauty campaign and it's really so much about the ethos behind the brand, which has been so much about gender fluidity, about strength, about empowerment, and unity, and I love about YSL and it's why I wanted to work with them so much."

"This fragrance is called Libre, which [means] freedom, but it's also about taking ownership of yourself and your body and knowing your worth," Lipa added. "I'm super grateful to be the face of it."

That's not the only big project on Lipa's plate. The "New Rules" singer also shared that she's got some new tunes in the pipeline.

"I'm so excited for all the new music and I'm excited to bring something new very soon," she teased. "I've been eagerly waiting to finally get it out there."

While she played coy about any possible release date or any potential collaborations, she did reveal a little about the new album, sharing, "It's still a pop record, it's fun, it's dancy, [and] it's got some nostalgic elements to it."

For more from the celebrated and tremendously busy songstress, check out the video below.



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