Dua Lipa Says She's 'In Love' --- Will She Have New 'Rules' on Her Next Album? (Exclusive)

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Dua Lipa is in love! 

The 22-year-old singer couldn't be happier in her relationship with boyfriend Isaac Crew, which means her second album might sound a little different from her breakout -- and breakup -- hit, "New Rules." 

"I am in love! You know, there is something really nice about love in general, but everything I write about, there will be a mixture of happy ones and some sad ones," Lipa recently told ET's Denny Directo at the GRAMMY Museum at L.A. Live. "It's all about digging into the memory box, and kind of picking out different moments in your life that have impacted you in a different way." 

"With my first album, when I wrote about some very honest things and then fans would come up to me and be like, 'Oh, this song made me feel empowered' or 'I felt the same way,' that was one of the things that really pushed me to write the way I do," she continued. "So that's something I'm going to keep doing if I feel it's going to have an importance to my other fans."

Lipa actually got back together with Crew this year after their 2017 split, meaning she didn't follow her three rules for getting over a breakup (“don’t pick up the phone,” “don’t let him in” and “don’t be his friend”). "I think they are important rules! And they're very relatable!" she insisted. "I found myself many a time telling my friends those rules, maybe not in that order... I feel like we've all used them at some point." 

"You're much better than giving advice than taking your own," she joked, adding that she doesn't have any plans for a "New Rules" follow-up on her upcoming sophomore album. "I don't think so. I think that just lives... just three simple rules. I feel like you don't need to go into more."

In fact, she's already moved on with a brand new track, "Electricity," which dropped last month. "I'm really proud of that song and I'm proud of the video," she confessed. "I feel like the whole growth during this whole album campaign, it's been really good to me, and I feel like I've grown more confident in myself. And as an artist and as a performer, I've become even closer to my fans. It's one of those things that make the bigger picture that I feel so lucky for."

And as for her impressive abs on display in the video, Lipa insists it's all about "balance." 

"Dancing on stage every night does help," she shared. "I try to be healthy when I'm on the road, I think it's a big part of it, but it's all about balance. I'll never say no to... I'm terrible with food."

"[I indulge in] pasta," she added. "It's pretty good." 


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