Dwayne Johnson Recalls the Moment He Heard About Kevin Hart's Car Accident: 'My Heart Stopped'

Hart also spoke about his new outlook on life following his horrible accident in September.

Dwayne Johnson is thankful that Kevin Hart didn't sustain any major, life-changing injuries after the comedian's near-fatal car accident in September.

"His situation could have gone another way. He knows that and we know that. When I heard the news, my heart stopped and I lost my breath," Johnson told Kevin McCarthy in an interview while promoting Jumanji: The Next Level. "Kevin's one of the good ones. He's one of the good eggs. I'm really proud of not only his ability to overcome, but also, again we're here, we're in Cabo. We made Jumanji. Life is good."

Hart suffered severe back injuries after the incident, which also involved two other passengers. Since then, the actor has been recovering and getting back into his work.

"The beauty of our relationship is we hugged, and we had a real strong conversation when we finally came back face to face, about what this meant, how this has changed him," Johnson explained. "It's almost as if life and the universe takes this shade and lifts it from your eyes and you view the world in a different way. To hear him talk like that I was like, 'You're the same guy but a different guy now, empowered. With a different kind of spirit.' Then 20 minutes later we're giving each other s**t."

As for Hart, since that horrific day, he has a new outlook and a higher appreciation for life.

"It's not about not working the same, but being present to the ones around you that matter most. It's more of a priority now," Hart expressed. "The level of appreciation for life is extremely higher because you do kind of take it for granted."

"You do bypass the fact that things don't have to be the way they are," he continued. "That they could change like that. So when you have an experience that shows you that, you understand what that is and what it was, and you make sure that you make the matters of being present matter most. For me, that's the new version of myself that I'm happy about."

ET also sat down with the two co-stars and friends during the same press tour, where Hart expressed how happy he was to get back to his day-to-day schedule.

"I'm good, man," Hart replied when asked how he's been doing, adding, "These moments are always good between you and I… It's good to know that I got the relationships that I have."

As for how it was filming the sequel, Hart said it was "unreal," with Johnson adding, "So much fun, man."

"You're looking at an opportunity to repeat or surpass what we did with the first one and have fun doing it," Hart shared.

The two also joked about Hart dressing up as Johnson for Halloween. See the hilarious exchange in the video below.