Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson Film Hilarious Joint Instagram Posts on 'Jumanji' Press Tour

Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart
Tommaso Boddi/James Gourley/Getty Images

Check out the pair's new rival videos!

They're at it again!

Dwayne Johnson and his pal, Kevin Hart, have hit the road on a promotional tour for their new movie, Jumanji: The Next Level, offering them the chance to do some bonding -- and hilarious bickering.

On Wednesday, both Johnson, 47, and Hart, 40, decided to film videos for their respective social media followers while promoting in Mexico, which soon went off the rails when they got playfully heated, shouting over each other.

"Oh yeah," Hart greets viewers as Johnson states for his own video, "Here we are." 

"We're back to promoting Jumanji, I'm excited," Hart continues. Johnson quickly chimes in: "It's good to have you, brother. It's good to have you back" to which Hart replies, "It's good to be back! Do me a favor, DJ, I just wanna say something real quick." Johnson cuts in, "Well, let me say my thing first." In no time, the pair are playfully exchanging comments. 

Soon, co-stars Danny DeVito and Danny Glover start talking over Hart and Johnson in their recordings, adding another layer of chaos to the proceedings.

The pair shared a number of other photos from the press day, including a group photo by the beach, which Johnson captioned: "This one I'll be framing. All love. Pure joy. #TheDannys #BrotherKev #JumanjiTheNextLevel ??❤️"

Hart also shared a still from the upcoming film in which he is holding up a finger in Johnson's face as they both ride camels. The comedian explained alongside, "On this day I told @therock to "Shut Thee F**k Up"....what a beautiful day!!!! We are almost there people.... #Jumanji #Dec13th #TheNextLevel."

The press tour is Hart's first since his Sept. 1 car accident, fracturing his spine in three places, according to a source. This also caused him to miss an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. But, his friend, Johnson, decided to cut his honeymoon short in order to fill in for him. Johnson also visited Hart in the hospital in October.
Earlier this month, Hart reflected on his time in the hospital and his recovery on an episode of his SiriusXM radio show, Straight From the Hart.

"I'm like, 'F**k man,' this is so bad. My wife's in the room. This is just a bad feeling all around," he said, sharing that the next morning he bolted up at 6 a.m. "My stomach felt like they lit dynamite and threw it in my f**king stomach and ran. All I could do was call 'Niko...' I said, 'Babe, it's happening!' She said, 'What?' I said, 'Everything!'... It was humbling in how it happened." 

Jumanji: The Next Level arrives on Dec. 13.

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