Dwayne Johnson Returns to 7-Eleven Where He Used to Steal to 'Right the Wrong'

The 50-year-old actor used to steal a Snickers candy bar every day when he was 14.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is righting a past wrong. The 50-year-old Black Adam actor visited his childhood 7-Eleven in Hawaii over the weekend to pay back the business after a year of stealing Snickers candy bars as a kid. 

"When I was 14 years old, every day I used to stop here at this 7-Eleven and steal a king-sized Snickers bar because I couldn't afford to buy one," Johnson explained in a video of himself returning to the store. "That was my pre-workout food. I did that for almost a year every day. I had to come back and buy every Snickers bar on those shelves."

The Rock bought up shelves of the candy and paid for waiting customers' orders before leaving a large bag of the treats on the counter. 

"I'm going to leave these here. If someone looks like they're stealing Snickers, give them these then they won't steal," he told the employees. 

The father of three discussed his good deed afterwards, saying, "After decades of me wanting to come back home to 7-Eleven and try to make good, that felt really, really good." 

In the caption of his posts, Johnson noted that the "damn chocolate demon" has been "gnawing" at him for decades. 

Describing himself as "broke as hell" as a kid, Johnson noted that the same clerk was at the store every day when he'd steal the candy and never busted him. 

"Least I could do considering all the s**t I used to steal from here😂🙋🏽‍♂️😈," he wrote. "We can’t change the past and some of the dumb stuff we may have done, but every once in a while we can add a little redeeming grace note to that situation — and maybe put a big smile on some stranger’s faces."