Dwayne Johnson Says He 'Loves' That His Teenage Daughter Simone Wants to Wrestle

Simone and Dwayne Johnson
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The former WWE star also opens up about his family’s history in wrestling.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would love for his 16-year-old daughter, Simone, to follow in his footsteps!

The former WWE star appeared on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show and made quite the impression on Stephen Colbert by drinking tequila shots, flashing his chest tattoo, and talking about his family’s history in wrestling.

“My grandmother wound up being the first female wrestling promoter in the history of wrestling,” the 46-year-old actor revealed. "She was a bada** too, by the way."

Johnson told a funny story about how his grandfather, who was also a wrestler, invited his grandmother to his match without telling her it was choreographed.  

“As far as she knew it was real and there was going to be a fight down at this local arena in San Francisco where he first started,” he explained. “He, of course, starts getting beat up at some point. She freaks out, she jumps in the ring. I swear to god. She jumps in the ring, takes her clogs off and starts beating his a** in the ring, the opponent.”

Another important lady in his life who might want to follow suit is his teenage daughter, Simone.  

“She does, she’s very interested in it. She has a great passion about it,” Johnson said.

When Colbert asked him how he feels about it, the father of three replied, “I love it. I love the idea of her doing it, only because the wrestling business these days is a lot different than I was there.”

Johnson added a throwback memory of his early days in wrestling. “We used to set up rings in the parking lots of used car dealerships and people would go in, they’d buy used cars, and if they wanted they could see free wrestling matches,” he recalled.

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