Dylan Dreyer’s 3-Year-Old Son Has the Most Heartbreaking Reaction to Her Returning to Work at the ‘Today’ Show

Dylan Dreyer on May 14. 2019
Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The meteorologist hadn't left for work in seven months.

Dylan Dreyer's son isn't used to his mom having to go to work. The Today show's 38-year-old meteorologist left home to go to work for the first time in seven months this weekend, and her 3-year-old son, Cal, wasn't thrilled with his mom's departure.

In a video posted to Instagram by Dreyer's husband, Brian Fichera, the TV personality's riding down the elevator wearing a red-and-white striped dress and holding a mask. 

Cal went along for the ride down too, adorably telling his mom, "I love you, Mama."

"I love you, Cal," she responded.

Cal continued his sweet words, telling Dreyer, "I wish I could go with you, Mama."

"I wish you could come too. But you're gonna watch on TV and get to see all the fireworks!" Dreyer replied.

After waving goodbye to Dreyer in the lobby of their building, Cal cheers up quickly once he hears his dad's plans for the day.

"Guess what we can do? Now that Mommy's gone we can stay up late and we can have [s'mores]," Fichera said.

"Alright buddy....it’s been 7 months since mommy has left the house for work.....let’s make this one count," Fichera captioned the sweet video. "'I wish I could go with you mama'....nice touch bud."

Dreyer has been home for over half a year on maternity leave, after welcoming her second son, Oliver, in January.

Though she's returned to work, Dreyer's mom duties continue -- even when she's on-air. Last week, Al Roker revealed on-air that Dreyer had been pumping milk while filming the show.

"I have to pump! Mama's gotta make some milk!" Dreyer quipped. "I have to feed Oliver and this is taking a little longer than I planned for, so I've got portable pumps and I'm all hooked up and ready to go."

"I didn’t mean for this to become a topic but it’s out there now baby!" Dreyer captioned a video of the exchange. "And I’m lovin every minute of it! Thanks @alroker!"

Watch the video below for more on Dreyer.