Ed Sheeran Reveals Courteney Cox Sings on His New Album (Exclusive)

The album '=' is out next month.

Step aside, Phoebe Buffay! It turns out Friends star Courteney Cox's voice is in the background of a pop superstar's new album. Cox's longtime pal, Ed Sheeran, opened up to ET at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday about including the actress on his new album, =.

"She sings. I'm pretty sure she sings on background vocals on the album. I think she's on 'Visiting Hours,'" he told ET's Rachel Smith on the red carpet. "If not, she was definitely on [my last album] ÷ somewhere." 

Though the news might seem out of left field, it's not for the British singer-songwriter who has a key link to Cox. 

"Well, my producer and songwriter, Johnny [McDaid] is dating her," he said of Cox's longtime partner. "Me and Johnny write most, like, we wrote 'Shape of You' together. We wrote 'Bad Habits' together. We work together a lot." 

Back in June, Sheeran shared on The Late Late Show With James Corden that he stayed with Cox the first time he ever visited Los Angeles and was actually the one to introduce her to McDaid

As for his new music, Sheeran is excited to share it with his fans after experiencing several milestone moments in his life. 

"I got married. I became a father," he told ET. "I lost a really close friend and turned 30. I feel like it's a coming to terms album."

Sheeran's = is out Oct. 29.  


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