Ellen DeGeneres Gives Her Mom a Quarantine Haircut for Her 90th Birthday -- Watch!

Betty DeGeneres (L) and actress Ellen DeGeneres attend The World Premiere of Disney-Pixar’s FINDING DORY
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Happy birthday, Betty DeGeneres! 

Ellen DeGeneres' mom turned 90 on Wednesday, and the talk show host gave her a gift she won't soon forget -- a quarantine haircut. Ellen took to Twitter on Thursday to show off her work... which Betty will grow to love. 

"It's not that short, Mother. It's just taking the edges off, I promise you," Ellen says in the video as she buzzes the back of her mom's head.  

"Why am I letting her do this? Because it's my birthday. Happy birthday to me," Betty says, holding a towel over her shoulders. "You don't use scissors?"

"Believe me, you don't want me using scissors," Ellen quips. 

The comedian continues to give her mom a trim, before deciding her work is done. "You like it?" Ellen asks Betty as she checks out her new look in the mirror. 

"No, not yet, but when I wash it... Oh, you really cut it short!" Betty reacts. 

Ellen captioned the clip, "90th birthday present for my Mamma."

See more on how Ellen is passing the time in quarantine in the video below. 


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