Ellen DeGeneres Returns to Her Show With Some Much-Needed Words of Comfort Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

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After several weeks of funny phone calls to her celebrity pals, Ellen DeGeneres has returned to her beloved talk show to give people encouragement and some much-needed distraction during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

"I wanted to start doing my new show as soon as possible, because it's really for people who are stuck at home, especially my staff and crew," the 62-year-old host says in Monday's brand-new episode. "I love them. I miss them, and the best thing I can do to support them is keep the show on the air."

DeGeneres jokes that she's filming her show from her living room "because it has the best light and sound and because all the rooms in my house are filled with toilet paper."

She adds that her reasoning for doing her show hasn't changed and is, in fact, more relevant than ever. 

"I've always wanted to have this show as a distraction, as a break from whatever's going on out there that may be unpleasant," she explains. "So, if you're feeling down, I want to lift you up. If you're feeling trapped, I want to set you free. If you feel like you're going in the wrong direction, I want you to back that thing up."

Her words of encouragement don't stop DeGeneres from having some fun as she goes on to add, "I want to spread light where there's shade. I want to bring a glow where it's gloomy. I want to stick a candle where the sun doesn't shine." 

She also takes a moment to give a round of applause to the essential employees who are putting themselves at risk each day to help during this time of quarantine. 

"Usually I walk out and people applaud me, but today I'm applauding you -- nurses, doctors, hospital staff, first responders, supermarket employees, truck drivers, everyone who keeps us going, thank you so much," she says. 

Many stars have had to film their shows from home. Watch the clip below for more on how late-night hosts are handling their quarantines: 


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