'Emily In Paris' Is Renewed for Seasons 3 and 4

Season 2 of the Netflix series debuted on Dec. 22.

Emily in Paris will be back for two more seasons. On Monday, Netflix announced that it has renewed its Lily Collins-led comedy series for seasons 3 and 4.

Season 2 of the Emmy-nominated series -- which follows marketing exec Emily (Collins), who's sent to Paris for her dream job -- debuted Dec. 22 on Netflix. 

When ET's Leanne Aguilera spoke to Collins about what season 3 would look like should the show be renewed, the 32-year-old actress admitted, "I genuinely don't know."

"We don't know anything," Lucien Laviscount, who played Emily's season 2 love interest, Alfie, confirmed. "[Creator] Darren [Star] is pretty private about this. I don't think he even knows himself. He likes to tangle everything before he goes on vacation to be sure that when he comes back for next season he has a massive headache to deal with."

While Star stayed mum about most potential season 3 plot points, he did tell ET what he'd like to see from Emily going forward.

"What we really haven’t seen... is how Emily is in relation to people that she's left behind and how being an expatriate for a longer period of time changes her relationship with her home," he said, revealing that he was toying with the idea of "possibly" featuring Emily's parents.

"I feel like Paris, this time, has turned all her assumptions about who she is and what her life's about on their head so she has so many options open to her," Star added. "I think she's at a point where she can take a big risk."

Seasons 1 and 2 of Emily in Paris are now streaming on Netflix.