Emmys 2017: The Best, Worst and Weirdest Moments of the Night

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Stephen Colbert's inimitable comedic talent was in top form as the host of this year's Primetime Emmy Awards, where some of the biggest names in television came together for a star-studded night of impassioned speeches, political commentary and, at times, some awkward attempts at humor that just fell short.

So to celebrate all of the most memorable moments from this year's show, let's take a look at some of the best, worst and weirdest moments!


Stephen Colbert's Tribute to TV (and Current Events)

When it was announced that Colbert would be hosting this year's show, everyone knew he'd make some political commentary, but his brilliant opening musical number was a masterclass in satire and sarcasm. The catchy, star-studded song encouraged viewers to ignore the terrible news you see in headlines every day and just lose yourself in the magic of TV (while at the same time making sure to mention all the bad stuff we'd have to ignore). The song also saw Colbert dance into different shows and brilliantly imitate their style, even in the case of Archer, where we got a look at what Colbert looks like as a cartoon.

The Reactions to Sean Spicer's Surprise Cameo

During Colbert's politically driven monologue, the host joked about it being impossible to know the size of the night's crowd and called the former White House Press Secretary out to the stage, who mocked his own past of making outlandish crowd-sized claims. The unexpected cameo was overshadowed by the incredibly shocked looks on the faces of everyone in the audience -- including famed Spicer impersonator Melissa McCarthy.

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Kate McKinnon's Tearful Acceptance Speech

When the Saturday Night Live star won for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for the second year in a row, she was overcome with emotion and could barely find the words to express her appreciation. However, the highlight of the honest and touching acceptance speech came when she thanked Hillary Clinton, whom McKinnon famously portrayed time and again during SNL's politically focused election-year season.

Dave Chappelle Gets Super Honest

Dave Chappelle and Melissa McCarthy came out to present Outstanding Director for a Comedy Series, and the beloved stand-up made some seemingly off-the-cuff jokes before admitting that he skipped rehearsal. The candid moment elicited one of the biggest laughs of the night, and Chappelle went on to thank the D.C. public school system before reading the rest of his remarks from the teleprompter. You don't get a lot of that kind of honesty in awards shows these days.

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Donald Glover Makes History

When the Atlanta creator won his first Emmy on Sunday for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, he also made history as the first black star to win in that category! The amazing moment was made even greater for Glover when, later in the night, he took home a second Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Also Makes History

The Veep star took home the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for the sixth straight year in a row, breaking the record for most wins for the same role in the same show by any performer ever! It also marked Louis-Dreyfus' eighth Emmy after winning for The New Adventures of Old Christine and Seinfeld.


Sean Spicer's Surprise Cameo

While people's comically shocked reactions to Spicer coming out during Colbert's opening monologue were amazing, Spicer's actual involvement was really pointless. His fumbling delivery and painful lack of self-awareness made the moment more uncomfortable than funny. Even Colbert couldn't help but poke fun at him later in the show, despite having just been onstage with him.

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Getting Creative With the In Memoriam Segment

No one is trying to insult the memory of those who have died over the last year, but the Emmys tried to do something a little ambitious with this year's In Memoriam segment that just rubbed people the wrong way. Photos of those who died were photoshopped into old picture frames and the whole piece ended up looking like it was put together as part of a class assignment. In the future, maybe just stick to a montage. Not to mention the segment snubbed Sam Shepard, Dick Gregory and Charlie Murphy!

Sterling K. Brown Gets Played Off

Brown took home the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for This Is Us and the dynamic star was giving one of the night's most charismatic acceptance speeches when the producers decided that he had talked enough and brought the music up. As Brown valiantly defied the music queue, producers decided to take the drastic step of cutting his mic off! To his credit, Brown didn't even let that stop him and kept delivering his speech, which could now only be heard by the audience.

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Colbert's Nude Westworld Sketch

Midway through the show, Colbert appered in a parody of HBO's Westworld in which he starred as an Emmys-hosting robot who needed a reboot. The sketch, which also featured Jeffrey Wright and Tituss Burgess, was funny, but Colbert's total nudity was certainly unexpected. At least he got his wish to show as much of his butt as CBS would allow.

Alec Baldwin's Awkward 'Birth Control' Joke

Baldwin won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for playing President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live multiple times, and he made sure to take a few digs at the commander in chief that went over pretty well with the crowd, but one joke made things a little awkward. The actor said that he and his wife, Hilaria, had three kids in three years, and the first year they didn't was the year he played Trump, quipping that the "orange wig" was the ultimate birth control. Something about the joke didn't sit well and the crickets in the audience made the moment very awkward.

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Colbert's Interview with Emmy Herself

When you have a gold-painted RuPaul playing a living Emmy award, it seems like it would be impossible for that not to be comedy gold -- and yet, it just ended up being flat-out weird and boring. Both stars tried to sell the sketch (and you can't fault the costume department because RuPaul's Emmy costume was flawless), but nothing clicked and the whole thing because a weird, tedious experience. 

Male Presenters Being Awkward to the Women They Present With

Seriously, while it was played off as being cute, the level of uncomfortable, quasi-flirting was really unusual this year. From actors just starring at the other actress on stage to commenting repeatedly on how hot they are, there were quite a few offenders throughout the night and every time it happened it felt so bizarre.  

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