ESS SEE's New Music Video Has Beverages Come to Life -- and It's Sure to Make You 'Thirsty' for Summer

ESS SEE Thirsty

Check out a life-size soft drink attempt a summer fling with a beer bottle in this must-see music video.

A new tune just dropped that has a strong case for being one of the hottest songs of summer! On Friday, ESS SEE released her catchy single, "Thirsty" -- and the accompanying music video certainly lives up to the name. 

Directed by Jonathan Frey, the video opens with a life-size soft drink, played by ESS SEE herself, out on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, in search of companionship. The beverage doesn't have to go too far before she runs into a life-size beer bottle (Joe Schumacher), and immediately becomes smitten -- and intimate -- with the ale. Let's just say bottle caps come off and straws are inserted. 

As happens all too often with summer flings, the soft drink finds herself getting ghosted by beer, and later sees him opening a carton of milk (Meg Lewis) at a party. Will the red beverage find another fling to quench her thirst? Check out the video to find out:

"Thirsty," featuring Charlie Rauh and James Carbonetti on guitars, Mitch Friedman on bass, and Oskar Haggdahl on drums, is now available on all major streaming platforms, along with the accompanying music video.

ESS SEE will also be performing her new track live on Tuesday, June 6 at Brooklyn's Sleepwalk.