Ethan Hawke Adorably Praises 'Extremely Talented' Daughter Maya Ahead of 'Stranger Things' Debut (Exclusive)

Hawke and Uma Thurman's 19-year-old daughter landed the role of Robin in the hit sci-fi Netflix series.

Ethan Hawke is a proud dad!

The 47-year-old actor couldn't help but praise his and Uma Thurman's daughter, Maya Hawke, when ET's Ashley Crossan asked about her budding career and her upcoming role in Stranger Things.

"I had no doubt that she was gonna get parts," Ethan shared during the First Reformed press junket earlier this week. "It wasn't a giant shock to me."

Maya currently stars in PBS Masterpiece's Little Women and in March landed the role of Robin in season three of Stranger Things. Ethan, for his part, is so proud of his 19-year-old rising star and is seeing his acting world through her eyes.

"I'm finding myself in a totally new experience to have a grown child. She's 19. She's doing her own thing. She's been preparing her whole life to be an artist," he marveled. "I'm not surprised. I've thought that she was extremely talented since she was 6, and it's fun to see the world through her eyes, and see my own profession through somebody who's just starting.

"She's extremely sincere, passionate, young woman and she's at the beginning of her life," he added. "It's pretty thrilling."

Meanwhile, Ethan is working with writer and director Paul Schrader on the movie First Reformed, in which he plays a middle-aged pastor on a dark path of questioning his faith.

"There aren't that many movies that are being made right now that are for an adult. You know, that are asking questions about faith and how faith intersects with depression and how leadership in our community manifests in regard to environmental concerns," Ethan explained. "And what are we willing to sacrifice, who are we willing to be? Questions that we as grownups are asking ourselves all the time, but very rarely have somebody giving us permission to have a dialogue about it in a substantive way."

For more on Maya's upcoming Stranger Things role, watch the video below.

First Reformed arrives in theaters on May 18.