ET’s Keltie Knight & Her LadyGang Announce New Female-Driven Podcast Network Featuring Celeb Moms

Keltie Knight at the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards
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ET’s Keltie Knight and her multimedia brand, The LadyGang, are teaming up with PodcastOne to launch a new female-driven podcast network featuring some of Hollywood’s hottest moms.

The development, production and marketing deal will see Knight and her LadyGang co-hosts, actress Becca Tobin and designer Jac Vanek, work with PodcastOne to spearhead a network featuring celebrities, pop culture, reality television and mom trendsetters.

The first program announced under the new network is Mama Said With Jamie and Jenna, hosted by Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jenna Parris.

The news comes as The LadyGang mark their 200th episode, also on Podcast One, and following a stellar 2018 which saw the trio land a show on E!.

“We started The LadyGang with no expectations, as a place to share our own stories about stumbling through womanhood, and we are entering 2019 with 200 episodes, a TV show on E!, launching our very own LadyGang network, and have a handful of awesome projects in the works,” Knight, Tobin and Vanek said in a joint statement. “We are passionate about championing other podcasters, and our gang is constantly asking us to podcast five days a week. They are hungry for more of our ‘no bulls**t’ content, and we are thrilled we tricked PodcastOne into giving us our own network full of shows we personally love.”

“So many of our LadyGangers are moms, and the three of us are childless, cold-hearted bi***es,” the statement continued. “Jamie and Jenna are our two favorite and MOST real moms, and are the missing piece of our network, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them as our first LadyGang on PodcastOne show. We were in the room when they recorded their first episode and we need a diaper change now. It’s THAT good. You might say we’re adding the BabyGang into the LadyGang universe.”

Sigler and Parris explained how they came to join the LadyGang world after navigating pregnancy together through text messages.

Mama Said began when we would text each other in the wee hours of the morning about all things pregnancy,” Sigler and Parris said in a joint statement. “Our conversations continued as our newborns grew, and we soon realized that everything we were going through, other moms were too. Mama Said is a safe-haven for fellow moms and parents to talk about the things that no one else is; hard subjects, embarrassing moments, sticky situations. We are thrilled to be a part of the PodcastOne family, and are very excited to join the LadyGang podcast world, where their listeners will find a lot of the same humor and banter as the LadyGang, just totally mom-focused!”

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