TikTok Made Us Buy It: Amazing Jeans, Milk Makeup Setting Spray & More

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Though the past year -- and the beginning of this year -- has been wild and unpredictable (don't worry 2021, we still have high hopes for you), TikTok has been the MVP in bringing us all a healthy dose of joy. And with all of the hours of entertainment and attempted choreographed dances, we’ve picked up more than a few helpful life hacks and unexpected product reviews thanks to TikTok influencers and video creators -- especially since there's basically a TikTok video for just about everything these days. 

When the ET Style team sees an item trending, we trust the TikTok algorithm and add it to our cart. Let us tell you: The video sharing app does not disappoint, even among its other social media platform competitors like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. From affordable fashion finds, like the best Lululemon dupes from Amazon and surprisingly perfect jeans from Walmart to the best drugstore mascara finds, makeup brushes, heated eyelash curlers and even kitchen tools you didn’t know you needed, TikTok became the ultimate destination for anything you’re shopping for (and even the things you're not). 

So much so that once an item goes viral on the Gen-Z approved social media app, there's no question it's bound to sell out. Case in point: the affordable Gap jeans with a flawless fit that TikTok users can't stop raving about. Plus, you'll find unexpected items -- like a heated mattress pad or an easy-to-use outlet extender -- that you never knew you needed (until now, that is).

One of the latest obsessions from users on the platform is the Essence Glimmer Glow Lipstick -- which, yes, actually changes colors and yes, is really only $4.

The lipstick has a shimmery, glitter-filled physical appearance, but the actual product leaves a clear gloss over the lips, which later changes into a tinted rose shade. Users are obsessed with the lipstick's color-changing qualities, as well as the soft glow it leaves after application.

One Ulta reviewer even described it as being "perfect" saying: "This product is super cute but actually works really well too. It leaves your lips feeling moisturized and adds a slight tint. It's perfect to stick in your bag and bring it with you where ever you go!" Another user by the name of Bella said: "I saw this on TikTok and decided to try it. I love the nice tint of red it gives my lips. Will buy again."

Ahead, shop the social media-famous lipstick, along with all of the other items that TikTok made us buy -- from cult-favorite beauty brand finds to more under-the-radar styles from retailers like Walmart, Amazon and more.


TikTok university never disappoints with beauty and makeup hacks. We were today years old when we learned that color-changing lipstick was a thing -- and that it's actually affordable too.


#duet with @mimiermakeup okay @essence.cosmetics ! This shows up even on dark skin! I love! #viralmakeup#essencecosmetics#lipstick#fypシ

♬ original sound - mirtonjam

With a glittery, glossy base and a red-hued finish, this Essence Glimmer Glow Lipstick has the potential to be your next favorite beauty staple.


This red-colored skincare treatment has been everywhere on TikTok. Not only is the bright red hue intriguing, this $7 product is an acid-formulated exfoliator that helps improve the look of texture, dullness and congested pores. 


This e.l.f. primer has a putty consistency that helps makeup to grip on, while smoothing out the look of pores. 


This Glow Recipe brightening serum is made with pineapple juice and smells like it too. Lizzo is a fan!


Face shaving has quickly become a TikTok beauty trend. This facial razor can be used to gently exfoliate the skin and remove fine hairs on the face. 


If your hair is in need of love, try HEETA's scalp massager to revitalize your hair. Using a scalp massager instead of your fingers to work the shampoo onto your scalp may get rid of more buildup, dandruff, and promote blood circulation, which in turn creates more healthy hair. 


With almost 40,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, you'll certainly find more than one use for this viral beauty product. TikTok users swear by the even, continuous spray of this bottle for a flawless self-tan application. Trust us, you'll want to add this to your skincare routine.


The before and afters on this drugstore mascara are truly amazing. Take your lashes to new lengths with a few coats of this TikTok favorite. 


Anyone who wants to create the look of long lashes will love this heated lash curler, which TikTok user @shannoninthecity recently shared on her account -- complete with a short demonstration.


TikTok user @sydneyyythekydneyyy swears by this solution for an even, never-orange tan. The guide color helps you to see where you've sprayed already so you'll never be splotchy again. 


Many of those who experimented with this brow gel for the first time on TikTok were skeptical until the satisfying moment when they peel the product off to reveal flawless brows. 


This cult-favorite exfoliant has been hyped up all over TikTok -- and for good reason. The formula works to target clogged pores, eliminate dead skin cells and leave the skin looking more radiant.


This smooth, nourishing lip gloss -- infused with coconut oil, among many other ingredients -- is both TikTok and Billie Eilish-approved, 


This foundation has been hailed by TikTok users for its ability to minimize the look of pores, and provide a 24-hour freshness.


This viral setting spray reportedly helps to lock in makeup for 12 hours, and provides the skin with a vibrant glow. Talk about giving your skin a refresh this winter!


Keep your lips looking glossy and fresh with Tower28's popular lip jelly formula -- infused with clean products.



If you weren't already ready to try the TikTok-famous booty leggings, let Lizzo convince you. 


I got ✨theeeeee leggings✨... they make my booty stiff so somebody lyin 😏

♬ original sound - 𝕿𝖆𝖚𝖍𝖆

From achieving viral status on TikTok to glowing reviews from Amazon shoppers, these Seasum leggings are worth a spot in your closet -- no question about it.


A super soft high-waist yoga pant by Colorfulkoala with seamless waistband and flatlock stitching for tummy control and a smooth fit. 



Whether you're looking for a pair of jeans to get for the teen in your life or you simply want a tried-and-true affordable denim style to add to your collection, TikTok users have proven that Gap's High Rise Cheeky Straight Jeans are a sure bet -- especially when they're on sale.

$55 (REGULARLY $70)

From sewing an elastic through the waistband for a tighter, cinched fit to adding distressed details on the legs, TikTokers are showing ways to transform the piece into cool, baggy mom jeans that are so on trend right now. 


With summer around the corner, Hoerev's high waist pleated tennis skirt is a versatile piece to add to your wardrobe whether it's to have fun styling it, like TikTok user @secora, or actually go hit the tennis courts. 


Earlier this fall, the J.Lo-approved Coach bag was dubbed by TikTok users as being the 'bag of the year.'


TikTok's most popular fitness influencers have been rocking these shorts for a while now -- and the proof is in the over 700 positive reviews logged on Free People's site.


One TikTok user, @sierrabravee, was just one of many who raved all about her Frankies Bikini pieces on the platform. The styles have also been spotted on a number of celebs -- including Jennifer Lopez.



We're here for the little things we didn't know we couldn't live without. 


Technically I could live without them but I don't want to. Everything linked in my bio. #amazonmusthaves#myroutine#bathroommusthave#bedding

♬ Coffee Shop - Ben Everman

Spilled coffee in your car four years ago? Not a problem according to TikTok user @brittanyalbaranoo who showed us what this little machine can do.  


There are so many cool features on this 14-ounce portable blender, which allows you to make and drink smoothies on the go. It charges with a USB cord, is the perfect size to throw in your gym bag and comes with a silicone ice cube tray. See it in action on @toponlinefinds' TikTok page.


You could slice your bagels the old-fashioned way with a knife, or you could have fun with it and use this satisfying kitchen gadget. TikTok user @teresalauracaruso demonstrates it in white, but we love this aqua shade, too. Other reasons to purchase? It's dishwasher-safe and also works its magic on muffins, rolls and buns.


Go from cluttered to streamlined in an instant with this ingenious drawer organizer. Need proof? TikTok user @paytonmelphy demonstrates just how easy it is to declutter. 


Derek Hough has been busy both at work -- he's the newest judge on "Dancing With the Stars" -- and in the kitchen, posting a clever TikTok about this stainless steel chopper as a riff on the Auntie Hammy "Pew Pew Pew" trend.


You might not be a pro in the kitchen, but you'll sure look like one with these super-efficient salt and pepper grinders. We caught a glimpse of these in @cookingwithdarryl's chicken fried rice TikTok. 


Stay warm throughout the night with this heated mattress pad -- a viral TikTok product we discovered on @adrienedavidson's TikTok. This pad also has two controllable sides, so you can adjust the settings to you and your partner's preferences.


If you're planning to make the perfectly sliced ratatouille from the movie Ratatouille like @jalenlcraig on TikTok, you're going to need this mandoline. She made the animated perfection a reality. 


Make the most out of your space with this plug-in outlet extender. User @adrienedavidson says that this plug, which also acts as a nightlight, is great for anything that has chunkier plugs.


For many people, nugget ice cubes (like the kind Sonic uses) provide an inexplicable sense of joy. Now you can make your own with this countertop ice maker appliance from GE Profile, which produces up to 24 pounds of those glorious cubes per day without requiring a water hookup. This model has been making the rounds on TikTok, and we spotted it in an Amazon haul from @brianneboston.


By far some of the most satisfying TikToks are the cleaning-focused before and afters. TikTok user @m.chandler_ sells us on this little gadget in 10 seconds flat. 


Part kitchen gadget, part science experiment! Make your own pint of homemade ice cream in about 20 minutes with a combination of rock salt, ice, ice cream mix and hand-powered energy -- the ice cream forms by rolling the ball steadily rather than using electricity. The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball a fun way to create DIY desserts, and we discovered it via @rachelhutchens1.


We fell in love with Smeg's retro toaster during Nordstrom's 2020 Aniversary Sale, and now we need the brand's milk frother after seeing this TikTok from @veggiekins. Apparently, it looks and froths like a dream.


This kitchen cleaner has over 91,000 positive reviews on Amazon. It looks like another TikTok home hack has proven to be just as great as users made it out to be!


According to TikTok users, flame lighters are a thing of the past, and rechargeable tools are all the rage at the moment. 

$17$11 AT AMAZON


Let's be honest: TikTok is the gift that keeps on giving -- especially when it comes to unexpected (and undoubtedly fun!) products we never knew existed.

If you've been keeping a close eye on TikTok's home decor trends, you've probably seen a mushroom lamp here or there. User @alienspacebats shared some sleek white ones from IKEA, but we also love this dreamy option from Urban Outfitters. 


WFH hasn't been easy, but ProsourceFit's acupressure mat and pillow set is a great way to unwind and relax your muscles. TikTok user @evangelxnaa also shows it may help with headaches and insomnia.


We've been seeing TikTok users like @itsmetinx and @carathevettech use teeny microphones for anything and everything. And if the uptick in TikTok-ers using them is any indication, anything in miniature form will be an entertaining addition to your days.


Under the hashtag #mermaidcore, whimsical ocean-inspired trends have been on the rise. If you want to add the look to your wardrobe, start with some pretty  shell-shaped hair clips.




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