'Ex on the Beach' Star Chad Johnson Talks Spark Between Him & Kendra Wilkinson, And What Ruined It (Exclusive)

The 'Ex on the Beach' star stopped by ET Live to chat about his currently dating life.

Chad Johnson is spilling the tea when it comes to his recent outing with Kendra Wilkinson.

The Ex on the Beach star and Bachelorette alum stopped by ET Live on Thursday, where he addressed rumors that the two are dating after photos surfaced of them holding hands.

"I had met Kendra before," he explained, adding that they did a skit together and were then told they needed shots of them talking at the bar.

"We had like 20, 30 minutes. It went pretty well," Johnson said of his time with Wilkinson. "It kind of turned into this, 'Is it real? Is it not real? Is this a skit? What are we going to do?'"

While there were sparks between them, Johnson explained that "once the press gets involved, it just gets weird. So we both kind of took a step back, because neither of us knew what the answer was."

Sources told ET last week that the two were "just having fun at the moment" and weren't "in any kind of romantic relationship." The source noted that the night the two were spotted holding hands “they were filming an upcoming project.”

While no additional details of the project were given, the source added that Wilkinson was "not looking for anything serious at the moment. She’s casually dating and enjoying herself.”

As for Johnson's current relationship status? "I'm talking to a few people, but nothing serious. I guess you'll have to watch the show to find out my current situation," he teased.

However, he did admit that dating hasn't been easy for him since becoming a reality star.

"It's hard to date outside of the TV world at this point because that is what I have known for the last three years," he admitted. "I don’t have anything to talk about to people who don't understand [that world]."

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