EXCLUSIVE: Beyonce's Pastor Reveals She's Already Made a 'Significant Donation' to Hurricane Harvey Relief

ET spoke to Beyonce's pastor, Rudy Rasmus, on Tuesday about what the superstar is doing to help those devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Beyonce is actively helping out her hometown of Houston, Texas, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey's devastation.

In a statement to the Houston Chronicle on Monday, the 35-year-old superstar said she was working closely with her team at BeyGOOD -- her organization that helps places in need around the globe -- as well as her pastor, to "implement a plan to help as many" as they can. On Tuesday, ET spoke exclusively to Beyonce's lifelong pastor, Rudy Rasmus, who revealed how Beyonce has already made an impact in Houston.

"She's starting out with a significant donation, and that donation is getting us to launch out into some areas that help us more effectively impact the communities that have been the most affected," Rasmus tells ET's Kevin Frazier via FaceTime. "She has, over the years, been very generous to our cause, and we continue to work together. She has been a huge benefactor to our efforts here in Houston, Texas."

Rasmus -- who's close friends with Beyonce's mom, Tina Lawson, and has known the singer since childhood -- says while there are no talks as of now about Beyonce, husband Jay Z, or her sister, Solange Knowles, doing a tribute concert, the superstar has always used her celebrity to help those in need.

"She has one huge platform, and information can go out to places that really need to know what's going on in her hometown," he explains. "She has always availed not only her platform, her voice, but also resources -- tangible resources -- to help those most in need in Houston and around."


Rasmus also praises Tina's charitable efforts over the years, and said that the mother of two has an "amazing heart."

"When Hurricane Katrina hit, they were present for us," Rasmus says of the Knowles family. "When Ike devastated Houston, they were present for us, and times in between, so now won't be any different. I'm counting on them right now."

As for what's already underway, Rasmus says they're helping to reach the most needy in Houston.

"Right now, we are setting up a donations and collections center where we can collect some really needed items for people who have been forced out of their homes, acting sort of as a center for all of the materials and goods folks are going to need to rebuild," he says about his current efforts. "We are also going to be coordinating volunteers who are going to go into these neighborhoods, and start helping to rebuild some of these homes for the most needy in our city."

Rasmus says those who want to help can visit the Bread of Life, Inc. website, or stop by St. John's Church in downtown Houston to drop off non perishable items or to sign up to volunteer.

For more on how to help/donate to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, please click here.

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