EXCLUSIVE: Gigi Hadid Reveals How Boyfriend Zayn Malik Inspires Her to ‘Be True’ to Her Style

The young model shared how her British beau has impacted her taste in fashion.

Gigi Hadid is opening up about her romance with One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik, revealing the key to making their relationship work and sharing how the singer has inspired her to “be true” to her own style!

The 22-year-old model hit the runway at Tommy Hilfiger’s TOMMYNOW Fall 2017 Show at London Fashion Week on Tuesday, then sat down with the fashion icon to chat with ET.

“[Zayn] has amazing style on his own and we do the normal, ‘Does this look good?’ or ‘Do you like this?’” she shared. “But he’s really inspired me to wear what makes me happy and be really true to my own style because he does that every day. So, it’s fun to watch him and from there have fun with my own style.”

The Los Angeles, California, native added that she also loves style trends in Malik’s native England, many of which influenced Hilfiger and Hadid’s fashion show, which featured a number of looks that are available now.

“British street style is so epic and that grunge and rock-and-roll feeling that Tommy is speaking about is so prominent here,” Hadid said. “It was an inspiration to the collection, so [this is] a background for what we're doing. It’s the Tommy tour theme!”

Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger

Britain and one of its favorite stars haven’t just impacted Hadid’s sense of style. As well as finding her boyfriend’s accent “very cute” to try and imitate, she also dished that her diet has taken a turn since she started dating the singer.

“I know a lot more about British food now,” she shared. “I eat a lot of British food and Sunday roast and curry and all that stuff.”

As for how the couple make their romance work despite hectic work schedules and heavy traveling, Hadid said that communication remains key.

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