Fans Think Lolo Jones Got Kicked Out of 'Celebrity Big Brother' Over Fight With Tamar Braxton

Lolo Jones Tamar Braxton
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Did another Celebrity Big Brother contestant get the boot?

Fans began speculating that Lolo Jones was kicked out of the house on Saturday after she had a fight with Tamar Braxton. In clips shared online by fans, the 36-year-old Olympic hurdler was seen getting into a heated argument with the Braxton, 41. As the two continued to yell at one another and get close, the live feed was cut. ET has reached out to CBS for comment.

“Y’all are real funny,” Braxton is heard saying in videos of the feed, before Jones replies from bed.

"I’m not real funny. Here’s the problem today, you want me to tell you what happened and then you snap off on me," the Olympian says. 

“Don’t start,” Braxton responds.

”I’m gonna f**king start because you want to tell me … you asked me what the f**k and then you f**kin 'pop off. So why the f**k would I not get mad? You do this every motherf**king day. Like don’t f**king start with me," Jones yells back, getting out of bed. 

The camera cuts and then goes to Braxton coming into the room, and Jones saying, "I’m f**king cool."

"Last night we all f**king stayed up…to make sure you’re f**king cool. Every day you are popping off on us,” Jones tells Braxton, who tells her to calm down. “What you need to f**king do is calm down and stop f**king popping off on everybody.”

The two continue arguing before physically getting in each other's faces -- and that's when the live feed gets cut. Some fans online also claim that Jones slapped Braxton's glasses off. 

Two celebrities have already left the Celebrity Big Brother house this week. Mean Girls alum Jonathan Bennett was the first houseguest to get voted off, while Anthony Scaramucci also vacated the residence in a CBB twist. 

Friday's episode kicked off with host Julie Chen warning that not everything was what it seemed. Minutes later, the houseguests received a celebrity news update courtesy of ET's Kevin Frazier, who announced, "One celebrity is not a real houseguest." That houseguest was the Mooch!

Celebrity Big Brother next airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. See more in the video below. 


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