Fashion Blogger Aimee Song's New Travel Book Will Give You Major Wanderlust (Exclusive)

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Need outfit inspo? Just head over to Aimee Song's Instagram feed. 

The interior designer turned fashion influencer, who has been in the blogging business for 10 years, has become one of the most recognizable faces in the industry. Her ability to pull off the coolest trends in wearable ways and openness to share her life has amassed five million followers. She has now authored her second book, World of Style, following her New York Times bestseller Capture Your Style. 

Song's job takes her around the globe from Milan to India to Switzerland, and World of Style deeply delves into her travels. The gorgeous hardcover is equally a coffee table adornment as it is an informative peek into Song's enviable life of getaways where you'll get tips on where to eat, what to see, how to pack and, of course, the details on all the covetable outfits she dons in her jaw-dropping snaps. 

The trendsetter gave ET the scoop on her new book over the phone, chatting about her most memorable destination, reflecting back on her style and tips on how to take the perfect pic. 

ET: How is World of Style different from your first book, Capture Your Style

Aimee Song: The first book was more of a how-to book, and one of the things that my audience wanted more of was the personal story, the journey, so when I created the second book it was more of like a 10-year, celebrating the 10 years of my blogging since I started blogging, but also including some moments. I’ve traveled all around the world, so I wanted to create a book where I documented all my travels and some of the places I like to eat and visit, as well as stories. What was I feeling in this moment? What was it like experiencing this culture? What things I wish I had known before? And little anecdotes and travel tips as well.

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How has your style evolved since you started blogging in 2008? 

My style has changed tremendously. I’m so much more comfortable in what I wear. I feel like I’m more confident. Before I was so young and naïve and didn’t really know. I wasn’t sure about myself. I think I kind of craved to be like other people, and I was trying to copy other people and follow what was cool and what was trendy because I felt like I needed to be like that, but now I’m just so much more comfortable in my own skin where I don’t feel like I need to be like anybody else and actually that has helped my career and helped me garner a following.

Is there one memorable place you've visited you want everyone to go to?

I loved going to Iceland. I’ve already been to Iceland twice and the reason I love Iceland is you’re just surrounded by nature and you realize how beautiful nature is first of all, but also you kind of forget all the problems, insecurities and worries that you’ve had. You just forget about it and you realize how small you are in this world and that you kind of realize that everything is going to be OK. And I kind of talk about this in the book as well where when I was in Iceland, I was kind of going through some personal things and it was a good time to be in Iceland to kind of take a step back away from where all my problems were and just taking myself out of the equation and being in a different country surrounded by nature because you appreciate life in a different way, so that was, I think, I highly recommend anybody to go to Iceland.

Aimee Song in Iceland
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What do you want your readers to take away from this book? 

I want them to be able to travel. I want them to be able to understand that not everything has to be picture perfect. And that it’s OK to really enjoy the moment.

This book is filled with stunning images of you at gorgeous destinations. What is your process in taking the perfect photo? 

Yeah, I actually wrote a whole book about it that made the New York Times bestselling book [list], called Capture Your Style, where I talk about how I take my photos, how I set the photo. Most of the images that were taken in the book, probably like 95% of the images, have been taken with an iPhone. Some have been taken with the old iPhone. It’s all about the natural light, the mood, the way how, if you’re in a location that’s surrounding. I also kind of talk about how the photos don’t have to be so perfect anymore where you don’t have to completely stage it. It’s better to be more raw and real and authentic.

Aimee Song at Taj Mahal
Courtesy of Abrams Books

What is your go-to outfit for traveling? 

When I’m on the plane I either like to wear like leather sweatpants, not like real sweatpants. They’re like nice, either faux leather sweatpants like jogger pants or a pair of stretchy leggings with an oversized sweater or sweatshirt and a T-shirt underneath because I’m always cold. And then I love those pressure socks, compression socks, I think that’s what it’s called. They’re usually knee-length or over-the-knee length compression socks and it helps with blood clots and whatnot. Because sometimes I get swollen if I don’t wear those in the plane because most of my flights are long-haul flights where it’s, like, minimum 11 hours.

What is your biggest tip for packing? 

I talk about it in the book that my favorite way of packing is and setting out outfits is obviously pre-planning your outfits, so that you don’t overpack and then also having, like, a color theme. So, if you are going to wear a lot of neutrals, try to plan your outfits with a bunch of neutrals and maybe adding, like, one or two accent colors, so that you can mix and match clothes. And then like for me a lot of times if I’m wearing color, I’ll try to not bring, like, five pairs of shoes. I’ll just bring two or three pairs of shoes that will go with all the colors of the outfits.

Tell us about the trends you're loving right now and the trends you're excited to wear next year? 

I am currently really loving comfortable footwear like cowboy boots. I’ve been wearing them all throughout fashion week and they’re just so comfortable and it’s so appropriate. Also, I love ‘80s silhouette like Isabel Marant did these shoulder, power shoulder pieces like disco-themed, ‘80s, disco-themed clothes, even Saint Laurent did that. I love anything that’s kind of like has that vintage vibe. And then trends I’m looking forward to for next spring is definitely a lot of bright colors, but more like in realm of yellows and mint green or neon green, lime green, those type of shades and purples for spring.

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