Mayim Bialik Previews Her Emmy Dress

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Mayim Bialik is attending this year's Emmys as a nominee for the first time ever for her work on the CBS hit The Big Bang Theory, and in a new blog post via The Hollywood Reporter, she gets candid about just what it takes to prepare for the big night!

Of course, Mayim has an added fashion problem to deal with other than the predictable woes of finding the perfect fit and the perils of walking in 4 1/2 inch heels -- her splint from a recent car crash.

"There's not really an elegant way to practice posing or actually pose when your right hand has been injured in an accident," she writes. "Ali [her stylist Alison Kahn] and I are still undecided as to whether I will look ridiculous holding a clutch in my left/good hand or if it's better to have both hands free, as it were. To be decided."

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The down-to-earth star also humorously admits to being a fan of vanity sizing, as she reveals she'll be wearing a Pamella Roland design on the big night.

"You know how at some stores you're a 4 and at others, at the same exact size, you're an 8? Let's just say I wish [designer] Pamella Roland would lie to me and call me a 4 in this particular dress. Meh.," she grudges.

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However, if Mayim's stylist Alison's reaction to her all zipped-up in her Emmys dress is any indication, she's sure to be a stunner come next Sunday night.

"When we zipped the dress up, Ali, who is from Houston, covered her mouth with both of her hands, declared, 'Holy Bajoley!' and looked like she was sending me down the aisle on my wedding day," she writes. "Because I trust her so much, I knew to trust her on this dress. For the record, I would never say, 'Holy Bajoley!' But she can."

The Emmys air Sept. 23 on ABC.