The Story Behind Amber Rose's Scandalous Thong Selfies and Twerking Videos


When she's not feuding with Khloe Kardashian or hitting back at Kanye West, model Amber Rose is best-known for some seriously sexy selfies.

Here's just a taste of her "break the Internet" attempts in case you've forgotten.

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But the curvy 31-year-old can't take all the credit for her headline-making selfies -- a lot of that would have to go to her 25-year-old assistant Benji Carlisle. Benji just opened up to Cosmopolitan about his life as Amber's "right-hand man," and gives the scoop behind all those much-loved lingerie pics and twerking videos.

"There's not one place I don't go with her," Benji, who refers to Amber as "Miss Rose," tells the magazine. "Literally, if you see her, you're probably two feet away from seeing me, because I'm everywhere she's at."

He tells the story behind one of her most popular selfies, Amber sporting a beyond-racy G-string monokini that got 522,000 likes.

"She was on her way to go tan [when that happened], because she tans every two days. And I was like, 'Miss Rose, baby, you can't just go tan in that, you definitely have to take a picture,'" he recalls. " … I'm like, 'Yes. Miss Rose, just trust me. Let me take a couple pictures. You don't even have to post them, this is just for you because you look so good right now.' And I took those pictures and she was like, 'Whoa, Benji. I see what you were talking about.'"

"I'm usually the mastermind behind all -- I can't say all the pictures-- but I'm usually the mastermind behind the photos or videos that get controversy," he adds. " ... I shot almost every twerking video."

And it turns out the process behind their videos is not all that thought-out.

"It [starts] like, 'Benji, I feel like dancing.' We dance all the time -- if we're not [hiking] at Runyon Canyon, we're dancing because that's all workout," he explains. "She's like, 'Benji, I feel like making a video.' And my response is like, 'OK, Miss Rose. What song should I listen to?' Then she'll be like, 'You ready?' Then I do it."

That's not to say Amber -- who Benji says "loses zero sleep over the haters" -- doesn't have a very strong opinion on her often times controversial social media posts.

"She's very particular -- if you take a picture of her, she likes a certain angle," he shares. " ... She's in control of her own social media. But I would say I'm the cheerleader of the group."

And though he admits that Amber's jaw-dropping physique takes exercise, Benji -- who lives with Amber -- also reveals her love for cooking comfort food.

"She cooks for herself," he surprisingly reveals. "She makes cheesesteaks, she loves fixing anything Italian -- meatballs, noodles, pasta bolognese."

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Last month, Amber’s ex, Kanye West, dissed her in an interview with the radio program The Breakfast Club, when he said that he had to "take 30 showers" before dating Kim Kardashian.

Watch the explosive interview below:

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