'Felicity' Cast Reveals Their Ideal Reboot Storyline

Keri Russell at 2018 Met Gala
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The stars also talked about Felicity's controversial haircut on the popular series.

The stars of Felicity are up for a reboot -- but it better involve sun, sand and surf!

Cast members including Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, Scott Foley, Tangi Miller, Amanda Foreman and Greg Grunberg reunited for a Today show interview in Austin, Texas, during which they addressed whether they plan on joining the growing number of old shows undergoing revivals.

“Absolutely,” said Speedman, when asked about the chances of a reboot, a response that was met with giggles from his former co-stars.

“Let’s do a Felicity Christmas, like we go to Hawaii episode. That would be great,” added Russell, whose idea was met by approval from her castmates.

However, interviewer Kristen Dahlgren later shared that Foley was the “lone holdout” on a reboot, saying he didn’t think they could recreate the magic of the show, which aired on The WB from 1998–2002.

The popular series centered on Felicity (played by Russell) navigating college life and a love triangle with her RA, Noel (Foley), and the high school crush she followed to college, Ben (Speedman).

The triangle ignited many viewers to take sides as Team Ben or Team Noel.

“I still get people who come and up say, ‘Oh, I loved Felicity! I was Team Ben, but…” shared Foley, who described his time playing Noel as “life-changing.”

The cast, who were attending the ATX TV festival, also reflected on the much talked-about storyline which saw Felicity famously chop off her signature, long, curly locks.

"It was part of the show," Russell said. "It was a storyline for the show and they called me over the summer and asked if I would do it and I said, 'Yeah.' It's what college girls do. They break up with a guy and then go and cut their hair."

"The haircut is the reason that a lot of people ever heard of the show," Foreman added. "It was actually really good for the show. I mean, it wasn't in the immediate aftermath because people got mad and maybe stopped watching, but it's really what people remember so much about it is that haircut.”

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