First 'Rocketman' Trailer Will Have You Humming Elton John Songs All Day

The new full trailer teases an intimate look at the beloved crooner.

Taron Egerton totally embodies Sir Elton John in the first full trailer for Rocketman.

On Thursday, Paramount Pictures finally posted the film’s preview showcasing a rock ’n’ roll odyssey punctuated with drugs, infectious hooks and more than a few wonderfully outlandish costumes. 

In the clip’s first few moments, John slowly composes “Your Song” at the piano as his mother watches, a track that went on to become one of the singer’s biggest hits. 

“I could hear the whole tune in my head,” he explains to a friend. “It was all there. I could see all the notes and I just had to get it out.”

Viewers are later shown the singer’s transition from Reginald Dwight from Middlesex, England, to Elton John, world-famous hitmaker. Soon, the singer is hitting the stage in one outfit more outrageous than the next.

When questioned about his theatrical persona, he shouts, “People don’t pay to see Reg Dwight! They pay to see Elton John!”

The trailer also captures the film’s fantastical elements including dancers moving in perfect unison in a street, John descending in dark water, and finally the singer taking the stage at his epic Dodger Stadium concert in 1975.

ET's Kevin Frazier visited the set of the upcoming biopic last year, where Egerton revealed that the iconic singer approved the actor to portray him in the film.

“To have Elton kind of give his blessing, yeah obviously it means a huge deal to me,” he said between takes, later adding that becoming the singer has a certain freedom. “It’s definitely empowering. Yeah, it kind of gives you that swaggering… kind of stage persona thing.”

Egerton actually sings all the classic tracks in the film, an experience that seemingly baffled Egerton to get to do.

“Yeah, I love it. I mean, it started off as shower singing and became drunken singing,” he said with a smile. “And now I’m doing it as part of my acting life, which is great.”

Rocketman arrives in theater on May 31.

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