Fox News' Jesse Watters' Democratic Mom Gives Him Tough Love on Live TV: 'Use Your Voice Responsibly'

The Fox News primetime host got an earful from his Democratic mother.

No matter who you are, your mother will always be there to humble you. 

Fox News host Jesse Watters learned this lesson Monday night when his mother, Dr. Anne Watters, a child psychologist with a progressive political stance, called into his show, Jesse Watters Primetime. During her live on-air chat, she congratulated her son and offered advice to him for hosting his program’s first broadcast in the 8 p.m. time slot. 

"Do not tumble into any conspiracy rabbit holes." Watters' mother, a Democrat who occasionally called into Jesse Watters Primetime in its earlier time slot, explained. "We do not want to lose you and we want no lawsuits."

Tucker Carlson, who had this time slot before Watters, was fired earlier this year after Fox News agreed to a massive $787.5 million legal settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. The company's lawsuit accused Carlson and others of spreading false 2020 presidential election conspiracy theories.

"Do no harm," Dr. Watters told her son, whose been at the network for 20 years. "We need you to be kind and respectful."

"Use your voice responsibly to promote conversation that maintains a narrative thread," she urged. "There really has been enough Biden-bashing and the laptop is old. Perhaps you could suggest that your people take less interest, for example, in other people’s bodies and talk about that."

Watters didn’t respond well to that idea and tried to wrap up the call, to no avail.

His mother then suggested that her son, who may have the ear of former President Donald Trump, encourage "that Bedminster friend of yours" to go back to having a television show.

"Everyone in his audience could wear a red hat, and I’m sure the ratings would soar, although never as high, my darling, as yours on Jesse Watters Primetime," she said toward the end of the two-minute call. "Good luck!"