#FreeBritney: Britney Spears’ Fans Stage Protest Alleging She's Being Held Against Her Will

Fans of the singer and supporters of the #FreeBritney "movement" came together in West Hollywood to protest for her release.

Fans of Britney Spears have taken to the streets outside West Hollywood City Hall with signs reading "Free Britney," and demanding that the singer be released from a mental health facility where they say she is being held against her will.

ET learned earlier this month that Britney had checked herself into a health facility. A source told ET at the time that she made the decision in order to deal with the tremendous stress she's been having over her father, Jamie Spears', current health crisis.

The check-in came just a few weeks after she put her career on an indefinite hiatus, postponing her album and putting her Britney: Domination show at Park Theater at the Park MGM resort in Las Vegas on hold before it even began.

Shortly thereafter, allegations were made in a "special emergency episode" of the fan podcast Britney's Gram claiming that she's being held against her will, and the quickly trending hashtag #FreeBritney was born.

Now, fans who are ardent believers in the expansive alleged conspiracy to keep Spears captive are making their voices heard in person.

ET's Tanner Thomason was live at the protest to hear from the outspoken fans, who are blaming Spears' management for allegedly holding her in treatment -- claims which have not been substantiated by any actual evidence.

Fans Barbara Gray and Tess Barker, who made the initial claims on the Britney's Gram podcast, attended the event, although they claim to not be the organizers, and opened up about how their main goal with the protest is to end Spears' long-running conservatorship.

"We're here trying to expose the #FreeBritney movement and let everyone know something severely wrong is going on," Gray explained. "She's been in a conservatorship for over 10 years that we don't believe she should be in any longer and we're trying to spread awareness of it."

According to Barker, Spears has made efforts to end the conservatorship, and those efforts have been unfairly rejected.

"She's made a very compelling case that her civil rights were being violated at that time, and at that time a judge ordered that she did not have the capacity to hire her own attorney," Barker claimed.

When asked about those who believe that her time at the treatment facility and her placement under conservatorship are efforts to help the singer with her reported mental health issues, both Gray and Barker said they feel she's shown herself to be self-sufficient and healthy.

"We believe that, through the proof of her work, over the past number of years, she's proven herself that she's capable of being her own person," Gray said. "We can't speak exactly to her mental health, but we can speak to what we've seen as fans and as the public."

"It's obvious that she shouldn't be under that amount of control," she further claimed.

However, it should be noted there is no corroboration that Spears went into treatment against her will or is being held in the facility. In fact, ET learned that the singer briefly left her treatment facility last week to get her hair done at a salon in Los Angeles, and left again on Sunday to spend time with boyfriend Sam Asghari. She is still in treatment.

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