'Friends' Reunion: How the Cast Thinks Their Characters' Friendships and Futures Played Out (Exclusive)

The One Where Joey Tribbiani Has 10 Kids!

The One Where Joey Tribbiani Has 10 Kids! The Friends reunion is almost here, and ahead of the special's big debut, the cast opened up to ET's Nischelle Turner about where they think their characters are now. 

"I've thought about it," Lisa Kudrow said of her character, Phoebe Buffay. "I don't think it makes for great storytelling but because I think they're all just really happy, and then they get together once in a while. I don't think they live super close together."

Matt LeBlanc, meanwhile, joked that he doesn't think Joey would get as happy of an ending. 

"Joey Tribbiani in 2021 would probably... he'd be brain dead," he quipped. 

"Oh, he'd have 10 kids!" David Schwimmer suggested, before Matthew Perry sided with LeBlanc. 

"Brain dead and in the unemployment line," LeBlanc doubled down, admitting that Joey would "still be trying" to be an actor. 

"That's an interesting direction for Joey," Jennifer Aniston chimed in, upon hearing Joey's possible future. But Kudrow noted that Joey "gave up acting." 

Aniston was quick to guess Monica would be a chef, though Courteney Cox had other ideas. "I was thinking like, a competitive mom who would organize a bake sale or something," she shared. "Her kids are probably too old but she'd still want to make sure the bake sale goes well." 

As for Chandler, Perry said he'd "be involved in the computer world somehow but we don't know why." 

"He'd be coaching his kid's soccer game," LeBlanc added. "And Ross would be running the museum, playing with the bones."
"Playing with the bones!" Perry and Schwimmer agreed. "He'd just be playing with the bones." 
The guys were also in agreement over where they saw the ladies in the present day: "They're making a lotta noise," Perry said. 

While the Friends reunion won't see the gang back in character, fans will get to see Aniston, Cox, Kudrow, Schwimmer, LeBlanc and Perry back on set. Over 15 years after the show wrapped its 10th season in 2004, the former co-stars will rehash the show and their storylines and reminisce on their experiences behind the scenes. 

"I think everyone is even more excited to have this experience having been locked in a home for so long, and going through this past year, which was extremely heartbreaking and hard just to endure, " Aniston said, noting the special had been delayed a year amid the coronavirus pandemic. "I think it's going to be an even more welcomed time for people to see it." 

Friends: The Reunion is available to stream Thursday on HBO Max. See more in the video below.